I want to get Watch_Dogs, but all I have is a PS3. Does anyone know how it is on the PS3? I've heard it has issues.
The Last of Us is being made into a movie? Maybe I should play the game...
Who are these guys, and what have they done with Coldplay?
Finally have some time to make significant progress on Ch. 1. Nearing completion.
Gen II is the best.
All Terrain Venomoth, the Dragonslayer.
To split Chapter One into two chapters, or just leave it fairly lenghty...

I'm starting to move over a ton of Pokémon through Bank and I was looking back to my Diamond from my old trading d

Slowly making progress on Chapter One.
I must get a Hitmonlee in Y and name it C3KO.
This is one of the more interesting things I've seen - http://bit.ly/1ge30RF
Anyone know where I could get Sim City 4 for Mac?

http://i61.tinypic.com/k0ngw0.png _Guardians of the Unown_ ----- _Table of Contents_ >]< ----- _Characters_ _Lev

I'm not sure I have the patience to chain a Shiny Smeargle.
"Man's reach exceeds his imagination!" - Robert Angier
It's time I get back into writing. Got a new fic planned, should be interesting.
Finally got around to watching Pokemon Origins. Anyone else notice there actually was a white hand on Red's shoulder?
I think I'll stop constantly changing my avatar and just stick to this one forever.
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