Cities: Skylines is the best purchase I've ever made. _What color is this dress?_ This dress has cause a storm all over everywhere today, and

The last 30 or so stars on SM64 are absolutely maddening.

Has anyone heard if this little Wynaut filled island is back in ORAS? I haven't been able to find anything indicating eit

Interstellar was absolutely brilliant.

I'm getting back to working on my National Dex and only owning Y version, I need to trade for these to. I don't have

Finally getting around to writing another chapter.
I'm not sure what Ben Cherrington is thinking, but he really shouldn't be in front of a camera after today's Trade Deadline Press Conference

With OR/AS just around the corner, it got me to thinking about other remakes. What are the worst and best remakes? Also, what

The Last of Us is being made into a movie? Maybe I should play the game...
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