Sep 30, 10 4:36pm
Is finally back after...what...1 year and a half? =^.^=
Soul13eateR blogged
Jul 3, 09 6:33pm

Though I doubt many people will actually read this, I might as well put it up here for those few people.

Due to several circumstances I do not want to dwell into, I will be leaving Neo for some short time. It may be for a week or for several years, I do not know.

Please enjoy your time until I (if I) get back.



Soul13eateR blogged
Mar 25, 09 10:49pm

I just had my Grade 6 exam for clarinet today. Guess what? MESS UP! My pieces went fine but I mucked up nearly every scale and I forgot what a cadence was. Also, what does modulating mean?

Soul13eateR blogged
Mar 24, 09 11:01pm

Tomorrow (25th March 2009), I have my grade 6 clarinet exam. I'm actually SHOCKING with my scales and so all today I will be practising (I may not be on at all). Wish me luck everyone!

Feb 20, 09 3:29am
All on my n5 (other games aswell, too many to name) FinalFantasyCrystalChroniclesRingOfFates
Feb 20, 09 3:29am
" " " " FinalFantasyXIIRevenantWings
Feb 20, 09 3:29am
" " " " FinalFantasy4Advance
Soul13eateR blogged
Feb 13, 09 6:16pm

I'm so annoyed! I mean, I'm going out with my mates today from old school that I haven't seen in 2 years and at the last moment they can't take me. My Dad can't take me, Mum's at work, so's my Aunt. AARGH!

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