treecko3 Soul Cataclysm
Sep 5, 05 3:14am
    Kickass stamp for a kickass Bro~!
BlueSoul Soul Cataclysm
Nov 29, 04 5:59am
Signing spree....

Please sign/stamp back.
treecko3 Soul Cataclysm
Oct 28, 04 5:30pm

Have a Happy Halloween! ^_^
emax Soul Cataclysm
Oct 18, 04 3:18am
I am just another member going on a signing spree. Sorry I have got no stamps.
Hope to see you around the forums
Please sign back,

treecko3 Soul Cataclysm
Sep 13, 04 1:21am

Teh Stamping!!!
treecko3 Soul Cataclysm
Sep 4, 04 1:43am
NSX Soul Cataclysm
Aug 26, 04 9:39pm
Your guestbook has been signed by whom? Guess.

See you around Soul Cataclysm. Sign back if you want...
Javiman1 Soul Cataclysm
Aug 4, 04 3:18am
hi saw u at the pokemon forums if u have a chance please sign my guestbook!!

Digimaniac Soul Cataclysm
Jul 26, 04 2:30pm
hello Soul Cataclysm remember me?im digimaniac from netbattle thanks for the help you gave me and i hope i will help you too some day.well see'ya
thanks for signing my "GB" i just now noticed that you had signed mine, i didnt even know about this till now. anyways, i just wanted to signed yours too and to leave my signature....

Fujiwarano_Sai Soul Cataclysm
Jul 6, 04 12:52am

See u around~
pbvn Soul Cataclysm
Jun 30, 04 12:30pm
hey thanks for signing my guestbook. You seem like a pretty cool guy. Keep up the coolness, dude. (I have no idea what that meant either).
treecko3 Soul Cataclysm
Jun 23, 04 7:12am

Hope you like my stamp... Laterz!
Ninetales Soul Cataclysm
Jun 14, 04 4:39pm
Thanks for the banner you made me, I like it a lot. Just thought I'd drop by and sign your guestbook. See ya around the Ru/Sa forums.

Larn Soul Cataclysm
Jun 10, 04 8:45am
You get my special NeoFriend stamp. Hope you like it!


Life's a fight, let's keep on battling!
Hi! Thanks for the avatar and I hope you will be my neofriend. Check out my stamp!

purple flygon Soul Cataclysm
May 28, 04 10:53am
Thanks SO much for signing my GB! In return I shall sign yours also! Take care, and play much GBA.
Larn Soul Cataclysm
May 28, 04 3:54am
Soul Cataclysm, NeoFriend, this is my sign and stamp, hope you sign back. And thanks for helping me a bit with Pokémon.


Life's a fight, let's keep on battling!
Fujiwarano_Sai Soul Cataclysm
May 17, 04 12:14am
Hi, I heard you from Treecko3. ^^ and I also seen you around from anime and Ru forums.. Cya around

Dark Elite Soul Cataclysm
May 9, 04 5:01pm
Well thanks for signing, I guess I'll be getting into trouble for the thread I made or if I am lucky it'll just get closed as it is going to collect spam.
LinkMaster03 Soul Cataclysm
May 9, 04 8:09am
hi Soul Cataclysm you are so cool and your avatar i like cause i know who it is when i just look at the avatar! Dont forget to sign my guestbook, i am Linkmaster03!
Bye! I am signing off of your guestbook
ColorB1ind Soul Cataclysm
May 4, 04 9:45pm
Thanks for signing my Guestbook (two months ago... =.=). So I'm signing yours back. Thanks. Cya around in the forums.

Chobi Soul Cataclysm
May 2, 04 8:44pm
Yay! I don't know you, and you signed my guestbook! I love this neighborly kindness stuff.

Okay sorry, I'm kind of a wierd one. But thank you so much for wishing me a happy birthday! It makes my day when people go out of their way to say nice things.


treecko3 Soul Cataclysm
Apr 20, 04 10:01pm
Hey dude i just seen you around and i want to sign your guest book!

P.s Here's picture of Miroku!

restinpeace Soul Cataclysm
Apr 16, 04 8:16pm
thanks for the sig!