you signed my GB with a stamp and i didnt sign yours with a stamp. so here you are a stamp. i drew the pic by hand btw. seriously.

just came to say

and i dont know how to get the thing that says 600x600 the dont ask me why =P
Hi! I've seen you around a couple forums, so I thought I'd give you a sign. The funny thing is though, whenever I sign people's GB's I put lots of crap that doesn't make any sense. with strange titles, as you can see. And then I ramble on and on talking about nothing important, saying random words...OH! wait I'm doing it again. S'all you can expect from me I guess. Feel free to sign me back XD
Sorry I'm a few days late...I was on vacation these last couple weeks, after all. But I'm back and ready to make up for it with my latest batch of stamps. First up, my Easter stamp:

And a few more I've made...of course they're all Galaxy Angel stamps:

Hope you like them as much as I liked making them! Take care of yourself and hope to hear from you again soon (and more often!)

Don't forget, your Neo-Brother loves you too.
I know it's been a while since I singed a Guestbook so here's my stamp.
Thanks for singing my guestbook Sosai X so I'll sign back with my knew 50 Cent stamp of mine.

Thanks for signing my GB, and the comment on my banner, even though you don't know which anime is it from, which is Gundam Seed, by the way. ^^;

Happy posting! ^^

Alright, it's a day late. What are you going to do, sue me? No, wait, forget I gave you that option.

Yep. Easter stamp. To you. A day late. Hehheh...*dashes away*


What up girl. I dont know if I signed your GB yet but here you go. Go sign mine too ok.

Great, now my stamp wont show. OMFG! But, we still Keepin it Gangsta'
Since you signed my guestbook I'm signing back.

Talk to you later.

I found this one, I should be enough ^^

wel enjoy it.
thanx for signing. pm me back sometime.
are you a moderator or something?
becuz when you signed mine there was no reply option. and it said neopm something and it wouldnt let me reply directly to you.
anyway, im just saying this stuff bcuz it wont let me post under 125 characters. anyway, do u like stephen king? tom clancy?
what music do you listen to?
well, g2g. bi
here i am. signing your GB. um thanks for signing mine. yeah... is there supposed to be a pic in my GB? im sorry but i cant see one and theres a giant blank spot.
You have come to the dark side!! ha ha ha!!

Yep, um yeah, anyway, Happy Easter.

From, the Shaded One.

Thanks for signing my guestbook and happy easter!
Happy Easter

As we all know, with easter, the Oompa Loompa's have to work overtime to produce the chocolate that you will be

eating, The only way to get them to work harder is to beat them with barbed wire whips and belts, this makes them

work almost 10 times faster than usual!
So don't forget when your eating that chocolate, the Oompa Loompa's helped make that chocolate, they put all there

blood, sweat and semen into it aswell!

For a limited time only, You too, can be a part of the "Dan Mumford Almighty Oompa Loompa Army"
To sign up, send a cheque of the amount of JUST £15.99 payable to Dan Mumford send to...

Dan Mumford
Oompa Loompa Heights(no pun intended)
Willy Wonka's Factory

Alternatively, send a pm to Dan Mumford With your name and Oompa'rank and your call will be returned shorty and you shall be added to the "Dan Mumford Almighty Oompa Loompa Army" page
Hey, ive seen u round the SSBM forums and thought I would sign ur guestbook so....

And here's a random stamp...
Happy Easter!
Hehe, eat tons of chocolate!
Not too much though, hehehe.
Anyway, here's my stamp:

And here's some humour to cheer up your day.

Cheers! And have a fun Holiday.

Hmm, a picture in signing instructions... I ought to try that.

And I know Larn was teasing you about that Jigglypuff stuff, so let's just have the Super Wimpy kick his a55 again.


Err.. wtf is up with the gator? XD

But anways, im just signing to say.. that.. I.. err.. can't think of anything else to say because i dont have a stamp so I am clearly talking bullshit to take up space and maybe you should try reading this without stopping to catch ur breath and then see if u can still read it without making any mistakes, and if u can, then u obviously have no life o.0

Err.. sorry about that >_>;;

Anyways, nice pic, I love that thing XD. And thanks for signing my gb!
Awww.. ur so schweet

Yeah, I'll shut up now >_>;;

I still cant believe u turned me down for SC
You really think I'm that easily to stop. You should know better, Sosai!
I will never stop torturing Jigglypuffs, it's just too funny! *evil laugh*
Well, I hope you take my advice and leave me alone, or else...*evil smile*

*walks away and continues Jigglypuff's torturing*

*is on a signing spree*

Have a good easter, my friend. Dont eat too much chocolate though!

*waves* Cya 'round neo! bai bai!

PM Me or anyone else on the stamp and they will add you.
From tom and team
Hi Mel I might not be on during the weekend so i'll stamp now

hope you like the stamp

Have a great Easter

I Love you
I thought I'd write you a pizza story on your guestbook,so EVERYONE can see it!

Mel=Sosai X

One beautiful day,a hungry 18 year old girl was walking down the street.
Mel:So hungry,must have food...
She was so hungry,that she was seeing mirages of food. One specific food stuck out like a sore thumb,a big slice of pepperoni pizza!
Mel:Yum...PIZZA! *Starts running 70mph towards the pizza.
P=Howdydo. I love you!
*Mel gets closed and chomps pizza*
Mel=Stop moving! Can't you see I'm hungry! Hey,where'd you go? Come back here!
But the pizza was gone. It left and went to you know where...

Hahaha!!! Now all I need is a pizza stamp to aggrivate you more. J/K

See ya!

PkFlAsH (PkThUnDeR) [A.K.A.: PK]