A surprisingly fun fighting game that I got new at Toys-R-Us for $5.00. 6/10. TheKingOfFightersXI PS2
The start of the Resident Evil series. Plagued with horrible controls, the game still manages to be frightening and enjoyable. 5/10. ResidentEvilDirectorsCutDualShockEdition PSX
Possibly the best game ever created. I'm not joking. You HAVE to play this game. 10/10. ResidentEvil4 PC
The Resident Evil series is revamped once again to be more action oriented. That doesn't mean the game isn't fun though! Multiplayer! 8/10. ResidentEvil5 PC
I got this game for $2.00 new at a K-Mart. Why? It's a fairly good game! 6/10. ShamanKingPowerOfSpirit PS2
This is a horribly plagued game, in every way imaginable. 2/10. Siren PS2
Sly Cooper returns, and now Bentley and Murray are playable. Just as fun as the first! 8/10. Sly2BandOfThieves PS2
"What's going on?" You'll be saying this a lot while playing this game. It's bad. 3/10. SonicRiders PC
Do not get this game if you are a Star Wars fan, it's REALLY boring and slow. 3/10. LegoStarWars PC
Mario has upgraded from the last two games, and is freaking amazing. 8/10. SuperMarioBros3 Wii
What can I say about Super Mario Bros.? It's classic gaming at its best. 8/10. SuperMarioBros Wii
Excellent game, and the Mario series first GameBoy title. 8/10. SuperMarioLand26GoldenCoins GBC
Move over Mario! Wario's first independent game is pretty darn challenging and fun. 7/10. WarioLandSuperMarioLand3 GBC
A nice Mario-esque game that expands off of the first installment. 7/10. WarioLand2 GBC
My first game I ever purchased when I was a child. It still holds up today in that classic 'Mario/Wario' vein. 8/10. WarioLand3 GBC
One of the best fighting games ever made. Has some of the best replay value that I've ever experienced. 9/10. SuperSmashBrosMelee GC
A stealthy platformer that uses lots o' stealth kills. 7/10. TenchuReturnFromDarkness Xbox
Just like the first game, it sucks monkey *bleep*. 2/10. TopGunTheSecondMission NES
A cool 2D/3D side-scrolling game. 6/10. ViewtifulJoe2 PS2
A 3D fighting game, and an abysmal one at that. 5/10. VirtuaFighter4 PS2

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