Welcome to my event shop ! Below are extens

Grass type - Ivysaur, Pansage and ??? FC: 4399-0605-0127 IGN: Steve Please tag me Soniktts with your FC and your type of

It can be any Koffing. The Growlithe and Lileep have 4IVs, Kalos bred in a Pokéball. The Koffing must be in a Pok&a

I've been reading a lot about the new mechanics in Gen VI and have decided to give breeding a 'perfect' Lileep to

_Offering;_ 10 ANNIV - Level 70 - Natural Cure - _PokéRus_ - Modest

There's no value in Gen VI event trading. People need to calm down.

We've had the new games for a while now, and if you don't know already there has been a new type introduced; Fairy.

Hello! I'm yet to complete the game but I've been told I have a Grass type Safari with Ivysaur as one of the Pok&a

Hello all. I have a shop in the Shopping District which you can find; --

Just started on Gen VI and I'm near the daycare. I'd like to breed some things. Would anyone be kind enough to tr

Looking for this guys, can offer many events from my shop. Regards,

Shiny Eevee----- Shiny Eevee----- Shiny Eevee-----(HP Ice) Shiny Eevee----- Shiny Eevee----- Shiny Electrike--(HP Ice)

Hello everyone, I'm looking for; _Wifi_

Hello! Does anyone know what determined the language of a Channel Jirachi, for example the Gamecube or the GBA cartridge? _Welcome to my event shop._ I have been collecting these for many, many years

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