TUMOG Sonic_2
Jun 11, 04 9:08pm
You probably don't know me, but I'm TUMOG, the True.Ultimate.Master.Of.Games. You can ask your sister or brother who I am. Your brother, sister, and I were all great friends. We don't talk that much to each other, but I still consider them friends. They were one of the greatest I've ever had. Well I hope I see you sometime in the forums. Keep posting. Just follow the rules, and don't spam. Don't want to get banned.

TUMOG, the True.Ultimate.Master.Of.Games.
Jax06 Sonic_2
Aug 19, 03 6:15am
Hey! Thanks for sign'in my guestbook! I'll sign yours to be fair! And yes! Yoshi rocks!! Don't forget it! See ya around.

Shadow12 Sonic_2
Jul 04, 03 6:58am
Hi. Well since we are on the same team, I will sign your guestbook. So here it is.

chaos control!
Extreme Mewtwo Sonic_2
May 09, 03 12:33am
Not to worry - I always keep my word! I am signing your guestbook because you signed mine and you seem like a neat person to just hang out and chill with.

Well, I'll see you sometime!