You probably don't know me, but I'm TUMOG, the True.Ultimate.Master.Of.Games. You can ask your sister or brother who I am. Your brother, sister, and I were all great friends. We don't talk that much to each other, but I still consider them friends. They were one of the greatest I've ever had. Well I hope I see you sometime in the forums. Keep posting. Just follow the rules, and don't spam. Don't want to get banned.

TUMOG, the True.Ultimate.Master.Of.Games.
Hey! Thanks for sign'in my guestbook! I'll sign yours to be fair! And yes! Yoshi rocks!! Don't forget it! See ya around.

Hi. Well since we are on the same team, I will sign your guestbook. So here it is.

chaos control!
Not to worry - I always keep my word! I am signing your guestbook because you signed mine and you seem like a neat person to just hang out and chill with.

Well, I'll see you sometime!