Douglas Jay Falcon SonicDude28
Jan 19, 09 6:57pm

SSBB FC: 4425-3074-6306

- Douglas Jay Falcon
Artsy SonicDude28
Jan 11, 09 2:20am
Thank you for all of the entertaining brawls we've had. I also like your attitude, and how you don't make johns if you lose. (Like some people who I know.) You're a good sport, and overall just cool. I like your style. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

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PM me for real name. I wanna keep it private.
Keep your cool.
PichuRocks SonicDude28
Jan 9, 09 10:55am
Hey. Just responding to your signing. I'd love to talk with you sometime.

Well, see ya around the crew! =D

- Jake

P.S. I'll sign again with my ninjas later
someguy789 SonicDude28
Jan 9, 09 2:00am
hi thanks for signing my guestbook I think it's only fair that I sign yours back hope to be able to brawl you on Sunday and it will be nice to have a new friend around the forum
hamsterlove SonicDude28
Jan 4, 09 6:50am
Hi. I'm hamsterlove and I'm crazy about sonic!
I saw that you like sonic too so I thought I'd sign! I live way far away in the USA! (lol that rhymes) I'm on Neo everyday so if you want to talk just pm me!