well im 12 and i like Sonic, i like 2 ride bikes, 2 skate, and other sports...... if any 1 would wanna talk 2 me just PM me k....o yea and sometimes i like 2 make people laugh and my Screen name 4 aol is JzJulz91.... ok ttyl (talk to you later)

My Neo-Family

Neo-bros:Tails Fox, Lizzo, DBZDude, Goldeneagle9131
Neo-sis:Miles Girl111, Shonic98, ZoomLover
Neofriends:.Harvest Moon Girl,Chaos storm
NeoGirlfriend: just lonely:(


Playin video games, goin on neoseeker, hangin out wit my friendz and family, and goin 2 te movies wit my friendz
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