Sonic Flash
Aug 10, 15 12:07am
Dragonball Xenoverse is as wonderful as I'd hoped it would be...
Sonic Flash
Jun 16, 15 12:42am
Square finally did it... Final Fantasy 7 remake...
Sonic Flash
May 24, 15 2:10am
Symphony of the Goddess was so good :D
Sonic Flash
May 16, 15 3:26am
Finally caught up on the Shingeki no Kyojin manga! Gets boring!
Sonic Flash
Apr 01, 15 3:20am
THERE, finished MM3DS with all masks and heart pieces. I remember why I only play this game once every 15 years...
Sonic Flash
Mar 28, 15 1:27am
LIFE GOAL: Meet a platypus
Sonic Flash
Feb 28, 15 9:38pm
Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm is actually pretty cool
Sonic Flash
Jan 21, 15 11:02pm
Anyone wants a Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate demo code for 3DS?
Sonic Flash
Jan 06, 15 2:47am
Every cell in my body is working at making more mucous. How is that even suppose to help?! Now I can't breath and my throat is sore!
Sonic Flash
Dec 09, 14 2:08am
Turned an old router into a 3DS spotpass hotspot and got the Eon Ticket :D
Sonic Flash shared a link from
Nov 05, 14 1:10am
This is "insta-buy" to the extreme:

Log in to watch free streaming video, post in the forums, peep behind the scenes exclusives, and so much more! Includes: Eps 1-26Rating: NRRelease Date: 12/16/2014 Market: $59.98Price: $44.99 (25% savings) SUMMARY Explore the far reaches of the galax...

Sonic Flash
Oct 18, 14 4:17am
Wait... why isn't there a Midna skin for Bayonetta 2?! It'd be absolutely perfect!
Sonic Flash
Oct 11, 14 6:18pm
Please help me I had too much pancakes I'm going to die ;___;
Sonic Flash
Sep 19, 14 2:09am
Square creates Shinra Technologies, partners with Avalanche Studios, makes Cloud gaming. Oh, I get it! :D
Sonic Flash shared a video from
Sep 13, 14 11:09pm
New Smash Bros looks amazing
Sonic Flash shared a link from
Sep 08, 14 10:50pm
Merry Christmas from Alberta
Sonic Flash
Sep 04, 14 12:43am
I'm out of things to watch! Taking suggestions!
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