Last 10 Threads started by Sonic Flash
Splatoon impressions? 1 May 08, 2015
LF: Kyogre, Registeel/rock, Tornadus; FT: Mewtwo, Shiny Dialga, Shiny Suicune 1 Mar 08, 2014
First Impressions (No other beta testers here?) 14 Oct 16, 2013
If I sub to PSN+, will I accumulate "free" PS4 games without a PS4? 13 Aug 05, 2013
Most/Least Favorite things to burn? (spoilers potentially) 1 Nov 30, 2012
[Suggestion] Better Integration of "Collections" (Own/Want Lists) into the Forums 3 Jun 24, 2012
Cutie Mark Request Thread 443 Jan 25, 2012
Why didn't they arrest Magneto? 3 Nov 24, 2011
Feral Skyloft kitties 21 Nov 21, 2011
Statute of Limitations on calling lane MIAs? 14 Oct 13, 2011
Last 10 Threads in which Sonic Flash participated
Season 6 Episode 18: BuckBall Season. 5 Sep 11, 2016
Season 6 Episode 18: BuckBall Season. 5 Sep 09, 2016
Season 6 Episode 18: BuckBall Season. 5 Sep 06, 2016
Season 6: episode 13: Stranger then Fan Fiction. 3 Jul 31, 2016
Has Dan Slott stayed on The Amazing Spider-Man series too long? 17 Jun 02, 2016
Season 6 Episode 10: Applejack's Day Off. 2 May 29, 2016
Season 6, Episode 7: Newbie Dash 5 May 08, 2016
Season 6, Episode 1 & 2: The Crystalling 7 Mar 28, 2016
Season 6, Episode 1 & 2: The Crystalling 7 Mar 27, 2016
"Special reveal" set for Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog series on March 19 19 Mar 09, 2016
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