I'm going to pee myself if I keep watching this
Why yes this IS what it's like to be Canadian
Opening chest, see teeth, begin screaming... :/ DarkSouls2 PC
Spent some hours this evening setting up M1 so I can rip arcade game SFX. It was a good evening.
I live in Calgary now! The sun sets too late and rises too early ;___;
Pokemon Sapphire/Emerald remakes confirmed for November! GET HYPE!
Looks like I'm moving to calgary. Whose houses can I crash for barbeques this summer? :D
Finished every boss in Dark Souls and beat the game! ...and then immediately made a new character to keep playing! So fun! DarkSoulsPrepareToDieEdition PC
Gravelord Nito and Seath are down, New Londo or Demon Ruins next up. Tomb of the Giants could have been worse, but what a pain... DarkSoulsPrepareToDieEdition PC
Android phone users: Open up Google Maps and start catching pokemon!
Have done everything else I can think of... but I have to do Blighttown now... :( DarkSoulsPrepareToDieEdition PC
Just killed a Dark Knight in Dark Souls by parrying/countering its attacks. I feel like a bad-ass god...
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