Is damning the Incline Press
I am the Dark Lord and I'll never be loved
I'm your dad and I wear black space pants...
Is giving thanks, bitches
Is made of pie
Is getting braces tomorrow :(
Will abandon her account if she can't find a reason to stay
Is backing away from you... Sloooowly...
Is at the beach!!!!!! (and subsequently won't be posting for a week)
Hey person who is reading this! Your awesome!
 it's pie day pie day smashing pie in faces day
Is slightly annoyed at Hmszelda
Doopy doo doopy doo doopy doopy doopy doo
Peace out bean sprout!
Is doing her best to comfort Zach
is in desperate need of a massage XD
has so much to do!!! ACK!!!
lets go LAUREN!

Stella Browning

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