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Jul 18, 09 2:26am

Wow, its been so long since I have posted a blog that I feel like I should be making a confessional or something. Not gonna though, have too many people out there just dying to suggest possible penances.

The title might be a little confusing since I wasn't thinking product advertising. It comes from a quandry I have been in. Some years ago I was drafted to join a role play here on Neo. As role plays go, this one was floundering a bit. Basically it was a dating RP going nowhere. I wasn't brought in so much to heroically rescue it as much as provide a diversion and hopefully inspire folks to change gears as it were with what they were posting. In the end the RP pulled a 180 from directionless to something special, at least in my eyes along with the eyes of a few other fans. It is still in the RP archives, just look for Really Dark Shadows.

So what does all this have to do with my blog's title? Don't worry, I am getting to that, but I thought it would help to have a little history to help explain it all. My favorite character in that RP was actually the secondary character I brought in, Kelly. I love this character, she didn't originate with the RP though, she predates it by a good number of years. She is in effect my template character for just about every book RPG I have ever been shanghaied into. Yep, that makes me a geek, but what can I say, I have had a lot of fun with it over the years... and it kept me out of trouble. Of course the trouble I stayed out of myself, Kelly found plenty of. She is irreverent, bold, brash, mouthy, pain in the kiester with a unique combination of survival instincts and suicidal tendancies propelling her along.

Now for the quandry. I have been having story ideas dealing with Kelly rattling inside my skull wanting to get out. That's the easy part of writing. The tough part is actually sitting down and getting those ideas out of your brain and onto paper (in whatever written form it may end up in) in a way that is coherent and still true to the vision inside your mind. The core that is Kelly has been unchanged from the beginning. Changing that is out of the question. Her history, on the other hand, has gone through many changes as I have her interact in different worlds with characters from all kinds of personalities. So which history do I keep? Or do I start fresh? That is the question that has prompted my title.

The next question is in what form to bring Kelly back in? I know a few folks would love to see the return of Really Dark Shadows, but honestly I am not sure I'd be able to recapture the feeling & tone in that same way again. I'm thinking of possibly starting with a few rough draft short story / chapters in the Writer's Lounge and see where it goes from there. Like the original dating RP, perhaps I can shift it into something more worthwhile for folks to enjoy.

Hmm.... wonder if I can get Keiichi to send me a scan of that picture of Kelly I sent him once?

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