thx for the cleveland steamer in my guestbook. wanna be friends? sorry about the whole ebay mix-up, i'll try to be the bigger man and be mature. truce?
dude your the first to sign my GB not sure if you remeber me or not but you signed my GB way back when, anyways i was just looking through my old account and just incase you don't know my new one is musachi 86....

From the one and only
I had not signed your guest book yet so thought that I should have had a thing now about signing guest books and now I sign every ones.
thanks for all the help u have given me on mmorpgs fps's and rts games you are a good gamer and person anyway i hope to see you around alot more
Hi its been long since i spoke to you online. You revealed your age at last, wow, I am 17. I just wanted more sign ups on my guest book and so i decided to sign yours again since you have less sign ups. well, if you have time, come see my neo home page.

I'm only signing this because I'm confused. I was told there would be a test of some sort.

Anyway. Hope it's going good.
I liked our discussions on metal gear solid forum and hope that to see more of you on my forums. please if possible reply a message to me as well. See ya!
As you can see here, I'm taking my precious time to sign your guestbook as you asked. You should feel special now because I don't usually go around signing everyone's guestbooks. And to feel even more special here's a banner I made!
Hey whats up. Well you have asked me to sign your guestbook and here I am! So good luck here on Neoseeker, and I hope you have a happy stay.
Hey how are you doing? Well, I thought I'd sign your guestbook because, well, you asked. Anyway, your a great guy and I hope you stick around the forums.

Be honored for you are in the presense of a Ma Chao picture!