i am a pyro me and my friends took like 20 regular and small christmas trees and put gas on em and lit it not only does pine burn fast but then with gas we were surrounded in flames for a breif second ,i play games, i play hockey and football

"Hate is the poison we swallow, hoping it will kill someone else."~Solid Shadow~

"I do only what the rice crispies tell me to do"

"I am Guilty by Association"


i have been involved with computers and gameing consols since i was 5 and i am still around em at 21


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Review: EverQuest II - EverQuest II

Oct 2, 2003

i believe all people will love this game...hold on school is getting out anyone who reads my review i m going to finish it when i get ho,me ok ........,................,............., has to be 750 chars i will finish soon...

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