Solar Patar blogged
Apr 9, 09 11:04pm

Ok tonight as some of my freinds will know i'm going to see the Prodigy in concert, monkey music go wild!!! I'm going to the NIA stadium in birmingham tonight the support act is Dizzy Rascal and then the Prodigy come on stage its gonna be awesome. Then at the weekend its my birthday and easter, I've got a lot to look forward to.

trainer card pokemon music
Solar Patar blogged
Mar 23, 09 11:10pm

Ok tomorrow on 24th March I have my Grade 4 music exam and I am really nervous. I'm still not completely sure about all my scales but the pieces are going well. The good thing is I get to miss Spanish and Maths so I miss the spanish test and I come back just in time for lunch. But crossed fingers hope I do well doing lots more practice tonight. I don't care if my Sister can't get to sleepm get some ear plugs!
Solar Patar blogged
Mar 9, 09 12:11am

as some of my friend will know my birthday is april 11th and my family are already asking what i want i've already got some sort of a list but it is not completed, I'm not allowed to get a ds for my own but i'm allowed to get as many games as I want to play on my sisters ds. Anyone got any ideas for dvds or books or games I should get? Another thing is that my Mum keeps on asking what I want to do for my party and I have no idea1 I'm only allowed a maximum of two people at a sleepover because at my last nobody apart from my sister got any proper sleep. And even with that in m ind I don't know what I want to do for my party in the day time anyone got any ideas? They would be appreciated.

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Feb 26, 09 1:14am

Guess this was a bit late but I haven't been on neoseeker much since I came back. But skiing was so cool. By the third day my group was already on the chairlifts in the morning, then right up to the top in the afternoon! As one of the people I was with George Leal described the houses as "Lego brick houses" but then skiing down behind the instructors was pretty lame as we had to go slow but when wwe finally got to skii down it in free ski we could go as fast as we liked, It was awesome! I would highly recommend a ski holiday it is so much fun and is definetely worth the long trip to get there. I definetely hope to go skiing again but my parents aren't really into that sort of holiday so I guess I'm gonna have to wait for another school skiing trip.

Solar Patar blogged
Feb 13, 09 5:12pm

Bye everybody see ya soon. At 3:15 pm I leave to go skiing in Aprica Italy. It's the first time I go skiing, so fingers crossed that I do alright at it. Also teachers training day today so day off school but of course I have to pack and do homework aswell as relaxing. But see ya soon.

Solar Patar blogged
Feb 13, 09 1:24am

Leaving for skiing tomorrow can't wait. I'm packing like 5 books to read though its a 26 hour coach journey. Phew. Well at least when we get there the skiing wiil be good fun. See ya everybody. See ya there dark wolf 1265 and Jakester28.


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