Last 10 Threads started by Soda
Oops. [T] 9 May 23, 2016
Boruto 2 May 05, 2016
Mew codes 21 May 03, 2016
Naruto - Gaiden 21 Mar 27, 2015
I'm back... 43 Jun 03, 2014
Gravekeeper's Sept 2013 format: Because we need more boring decks in here. 8 Oct 04, 2013
Astral Pack Three 5 Sep 12, 2013
Soda is an indecisive shit. 10 Mar 10, 2013
What's the worst that could happen? A Pokemon Emerald Randomlocke. 82 Jan 31, 2013
I'm going to ram this engine into every deck I can think of. 17 Oct 26, 2012
Last 10 Threads in which Soda participated
Oops. [T] 9 May 25, 2016
Oops. [T] 9 May 23, 2016
LF: Darkrai Gamestop Code(s) FT: Level 1, Competitive, 6IV Shinies w/ Egg Moves (self bred) 8 May 03, 2016
re: May 2016 issue of CoroCoro teases (actual) Pokémon Sun & Moon reveal 30 Apr 12, 2016
Video shows Texas school police officer body-slam 12-year-old girl 79 Apr 10, 2016
Bleach 15: Save Yourselves the Trouble, its All Going to be an Illusion in the End 1255 Apr 07, 2016
Pakistan: 70 Dead In Taliban Suicide Bombing 30 Mar 30, 2016
2016's World Video Game Hall of Fame nominees include The Legend of Zelda and The Oregon Trail 14 Mar 30, 2016
I guess Machamp is the strongest pokemon in existence now 18 Mar 28, 2016
I guess Machamp is the strongest pokemon in existence now 18 Mar 28, 2016
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