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Thanks to the confidence boost I've been getting from Sodachugger0 over the past few weeks, I've...

So my dad and step-mom like motorcycles. They've always wanted them and just recently, bought two of them. My dad's known how to ride for years while my step-mom had never ridden except for on the back of one. Since they both got one, they decided to offer me the chance to learn to ride one. I figured why not?(I'll need to learn for when the zombie apocalypse happens, anyway)

Yesterday, my step-mom was practicing for the first time by riding around the yard a bit. After a while, my dad calls me up and asks if I want to give it a shot. I get on, and he shows me how to do the basics. Slowly let off the clutch while giving it some gas. This being my first time ever driving something with a clutch, it took me a minute or two to get down how to do it. Finally, I get it down and take off.

Riding is completely different from anything else I've ever done. The steering is way different than a car, so I wasn't as sure about how to exactly turn. I wasn't ever sure if I would make a turn in time, even though it was a wide turn. The thought of "Will I make it?" constantly went through my mind and I'm happy to say I made every turn. After riding around a bit, my dad had me stop in the front yard again and get off. The one mistake I made was getting off. I did something wrong and the bike fell over with me still holding on to one of the handles, resulting in my finger getting jammed. I'm not exactly graceful.

All in all, for my first time, it was both fun and easy and I definitely plan on getting my motorcycle license. It's one of those things in life that you don't need to learn, but is definitely worth getting, if only for the fun of it.


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