You have been stamped with a diamond stamp!!

Stamp Me back!
And Stamp others!!
Stamps \/
\/ diamond



. /\
. \/ Star
Hey Snowtwat. Hope ya like the stamp.

Just signing you guestbook, after you had that truely epic post in The Grill. Seriously, keep that style up and no one will be on your ass all the time.

See ya mate.

~ a Dude.
[/size=1]Restamping everybody who stamped me!

You'll be good with a few carrots >.>
Since I trashed JimmyDog and made Master Jynch, I updated my stamp, not much though =/

Enjoy! And happy new year!

I've seen you around the Aussie forum
so thought i'll give u a GB signing.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year, Snowball!!
Hey snowball. Is it snowing or snowed where you live? It snowed here and it's gonna snow some more unfortunately. I hate snow. If I remember right, I think your avatar's a Yo Bro. Well, I'm gonna stamp your guestbook and leave. Bye.

Yeah, I saw your 1000th Post. Not bad! I just got my 2000th Post like last night. Amazing how Neo can take over your life, huh?

Peace out! ~Red Steel 92
Hey here's your signing! Sign back!!!

Sorry had a little trouble with the stmp
Thanks for signing my guestbook, in return i grant you one sexy stamp.

I don't have any idea why people are hurting you >.> Probably because you spammed a lot? Well, don't spam and I think everything will be just fine
Cuz Roy doesnt hold back.

Heres another one.

This sign is to make you feel special, since that is what you want.

But I'll also give you some advice that may help you in life:
The best way to get popular, is to just be yourself. Nobody likes an idiotic attention seeker. If you continue acting the way you do, you won't ever become liked or respected. In real life or on neoseeker.