Kingy Sniggit
May 15, 11 12:42pm
Snig. I can't believe you're gone, dude...It's so weird having someone you've known for years gone of the face of the earth. Hope you're up with the big man. Hope you really did 'see the light'. You deserve it.

Neoseeker won't be the same without you, bro. You've inspired all of us. I never thought this moment would come, but now that it has, I guess all we can do is look back on all the good memories and commemorate your existence! And that's exactly what we'll do.

Best wishes you your closest friends and family.

Whelan Sniggit
May 15, 11 12:27pm
We never really spoke in all, but you were a great member, contributed well, and it's shocking to see you go. You were brave and always thought the best.

I remember reading your thread and never thought it would come to this.

RIP. You will be missed. <3
Kaiba Sniggit
May 15, 11 12:03pm
Hey Sniggit.

We weren't exactly friends, but we had talked and established some level footing where we didn't hate each other. That;s saying something, right?

Sad to see you go. I never thought it would come to this.

Bye, man.
Morrigan Sniggit
Aug 24, 10 1:02am
...'Cause it's too quiet without you. Hope you're doing okay after your operation man.

Resa =D

Triforce of Wisdom Sniggit
Mar 17, 10 3:01am
Well sometimes I get on Loungin' and go back a few pages and see your threads like, "Hi puppy" and the one about how you like when you bite off Gummy Bear's heads and they can't fight back. Then you mention you were drunk, and, amazed, I think, "Who is this guy? I'm going to sign his guestbook!" so, I'm doing it.
How are you not banned? -bows-
carouselambra Sniggit
May 30, 09 5:14pm
happy birthday from carouselambra dude

what the *bleep* is this I wanted a power rangers cake

RyanNewman39 Sniggit
Mar 3, 09 1:01am
Can you PM me for once in my life? Plz PM me i want to talk to you.


SquallyBalambGirl Sniggit
Dec 25, 08 9:51am

Hope you have a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas
Melo Saccharine Sniggit
Dec 2, 08 4:32am

Sorry big brother, I don't have a stamp. haha. So instead, I bless you with a random photograph of Rodney Mullen that I found on Google in under five minutes.

RyanNewman39 Sniggit
Oct 18, 08 8:32am

I just thought I would stamp your guestbook.

Lukaeu Sniggit
Jun 9, 08 8:42am
What's up Sniggit? I made a new stamp and you're getting stamped like it or not!
ashanne Sniggit
May 23, 08 1:46am
ok umm yah u seemed nice too.
cya round neo!

and what tha hell is up with the people on IRC??

so yah...
im done.
Gothic_Seductress Sniggit
May 5, 08 10:55pm
lol I just made a new neoseeker account, So im looking forward in meeting new ppl well anyways thought I'd sign your GB!

Take care. And sign back if you can
Fairy Girl Sniggit
Feb 24, 08 3:41am
Hi Sniggit.

By your sig, I say you love final fantasy. I like final fantasy too.

I think you're a nice friend and a cool guy.

Hiko Seijuro Sniggit
Dec 26, 07 2:50am
u like squall so u cant be all that bad
ill leave you with a parting gift for the xmas

the only style that matters
SquallyBalambGirl Sniggit
Dec 26, 07 1:49am

It's nice see you around neo .

Hope you have a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year, Sniggit!
Will Sniggit
Sep 16, 07 3:00pm
Keep on boarding.

Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Maximus 3 Sniggit
Aug 7, 07 5:15am
Actually this is more Pot related

Happyness in a joint.
Giruvegan Sniggit
Jun 9, 07 11:38pm
From one Rob to another.

Sorry, don't deal in stamps, much prefer the old fashioned way of actually using words to communcate with people.

Glad I've been able to help you out here and there. Anytime you're stuck just ask. If you see I'm online use the Neo PM or AIM if you want to ask anything privately.