Ragingbull88 Smudger14
Aug 18, 08 3:30am
you ok, um.......bum. i have lost my pm and can;t ask you to go on the boxing thread there but um, ok go on. so, your gay. good for you.
Breeze Smudger14
Apr 28, 07 5:53pm
I'm on my annual signing spree!

beachbod Smudger14
Mar 22, 07 11:53pm
ive seen smudge in the fm forum,clothing forum and soccer forum...pretty funny guy..

ya know man,that picture aint allan smith..in case u diddnt realize

cya around

beachbod (got no freaking creative stamp)
curly fries dude Smudger14
Feb 27, 07 5:29am
Hey smudger. Im returning the stamping gesture. You love me?thats quite disturbing...

This stamp is your sort of thing right?

Mitch Smudger14
Feb 14, 07 11:36pm
You make me laugh, lol. Thought I'd sign anywho as your profile jumped onto my screen somehow...have a....no stamp...erm...have a keeley hazell:

levrev2 Smudger14
Jan 31, 07 5:38am
Finaly your GB is Cool Now that ive signed it obviously anyway your cool and funny (for a Villa Fan Anyways )so i thought why not seeing as im bored


no i do have a stamp just not here only couldnt leave without stamping Your GB

P.S - Now everybody will sign cos your GB is like Totaly cool now

from your fwendy Neighbourhood Levvy!!! <3
Dunn24 Smudger14
Jan 25, 07 1:59am
You said sign your guest book so your wish is my command! i aint got a stamp but do you care? probably not anyways sign my guest book if you want to!
bad ass Smudger14
Jan 08, 07 6:57am

Hiya! There's someone nice! I see you around so I thought I would post this to make your day! (Yes I am nice like that) so there you go!

Signed by bad ass <3/! (heart or exclamation mark depending on gender)

PS, signing back wouldnt hurt
ilovefootball Smudger14
Dec 18, 06 6:09am

Merry Crimbo And A Happy New Year

Chelskiman Smudger14
Dec 14, 06 10:45pm
G'Day Smudger,

Ive seen you posting around the Fashion Forum heaps, your posts are quite humerous and are always good for a laugh. Every forum needs a clown and i think you pretty much got that job wrapped up

Your also a football fan, so am i
Chelsea for the EPL and Champions League this year, and mayber the FA Cup to

Ill be off now, and i hope to see some more classic posts!
mattneiland Smudger14
Dec 07, 06 2:54am
Despite the fact that I don't like you, and that your football team are poo...

You are a fwend

*if i had a stamp i would sign here*

The law is that you sign back
EricF Smudger14
Nov 17, 06 6:19am

Cheers again for the sig and in return I thought I'd sign your gb m8

Here you go...

curly fries dude Smudger14
Oct 05, 06 11:46pm
hey smudge-meister!

i have no stamp but who cares?!

{you have been stamped by me}

now you must sign mine MWUHAHAHAHAHA!

from your friendly neighbourhood fries.
Blackhand Smudger14
Jun 07, 06 11:17pm
Lol, but you're 16. So you can't look at your backroud eh? ;D Anyway, take care. Later.
PGTips Smudger14
Feb 21, 06 1:13am
hello and welcome to neoseeker just signing your g'book and if you have any more great players just pm me and let know.
now you have to sign mine