Lulz, I'm Leaving Neo Nao. (Y)

Yeah. Tbfh, I'm bored with this site. I'll be surfing it and all as a guest, just reading the forums, but I'll rarely log on. Only to post in FRP, really, and answer PM's. =/ Nobody comments on my work in the Writers' Lounge when I update, I never really made a whole lot of friends, blah blah blah, CUE THE SAPPY SPEECH.


I'm not gonna be like everybody else on neo, who says "OMG I'M LEAVING I'M GONNA MISS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!! D:" and come back after three days. I'll still be on MSN, and I'll still get on to post in the FRP GD and Satan's Fondue Party, but that's it. It's left my attention span.

And no, I'm not copying Marir or Silenced, because copying is for losers. I've actually been thinking about this for awhile now. (Y)

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Rust Feb 11, 09

... Wait D=

Well, at least the FRP gets you all to themselves >=D (besides those no good PMs -shakes his fist in the general direction of your PM Inbox-)

But yeah, check back every now and again. Or, better yet, more then every now and then, cause you know how we can post in that place, ja?
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Bitter Sweet Feb 11, 09
Awww, you're leaving hunn? At least you'll still be on MSN, and you'll pop by the FRP forum. You have to make the next GD you know. (I think).

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Corruption Feb 11, 09
You do realize this does not excuse you from not having to read Succession, right? *_*

'Least you'll still be on MSN so I can check on my loyal subject every now and then.
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Smileygirl Feb 11, 09
I never said it was an excuse...

I still need to get working on that narrative. Three sick days and I haven't even found notebook paper yet.
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Kokoro Feb 12, 09
Goodbye, but I wouldn't be surprised if you were to return.
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