hey slicer just stoped by to say youve been a really great to me and probally to others as well,
well keep on bieng cool and awesome,
and you are a really great guy,
and a good friend so keep it up:)
Your my best neo friend you care for me and I appreicaite that. You said yes for me when every else said no. Thanks you da bess! I wish I could wright more about you but theres to much too say! so heres one of my favorite images, I'm gonna use it to sign this! Thanks\

hello slicer how are you doing also everone he's a cool freind to talk to very freindly to i like him as a freind alsoas nice as slicer is i think he should be given a chance to be a mod what do think MR.SLICER i think he should be given a chance if he wants the oppertonty?
I took a look at youir profile and I saw my name there
I was really happy that and awesome guy mentioned me in his profile.

Thank you Slice, you are a nice friend
(Speed Racers !!)

lol when did you turn 15?
whateva i luv u (no homo) so go roll yourself a joint and have a good time. you diserve it btw ur 1 year younger than me holy crap they grow up so fast
hi slice Slicer SLicy Slices slicing knife
anyway i wanted to test out my stamp here it is

Lol @ Error when I said PEACE OUT
Anyways... so yeah. Um your really cool n stuff... PEACE OUT. Now I have to fill in this llllllllllllooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg space so that I can post this guestbook entry without it saying that the amount of characters is below the minimum.
I *bleep*ing LOVE you dude.
I've known you for sooooooo long now.
You're hella nice and cool - you just know how to have a good time. When people are pissed, you know exactly how to cheer them up.

<peace out="out" homie="homie">

your such a jerk-I was wrong about you.....

yo slice

i remember you when you were still with BB

| |
| |
| |
| |
| |

I still see Wario in your profile lol remember I use Bowser now XD so what up Slice Slice
Dark bro Just felt like signing Guest Book so yeah if ya need a Brawl tell me K. Your Friend:
Well, just stamping your guestbook with a new stamp I edited made

See ya around the forums
hey slicer i wuz bored so i felt like signing ur guestbook so yeah wat to say wat to say wat to say......o yeah

at least let me beat u once lol XD
i wish i could get to know u more so i can say more but needless to say i no ur brawl skill (u took out bb by ur self with just 3 stocks)

pleaz sign my guestbook when u get the chance

srry no stamp im using my wii rite now
Yea signed a guestbook wooohoooo! RC5 was here well yea man you have gotten better at racing i see from our races earlier today

I need moar text to fill the minimum so im going to say the alpabet.


now i kno my abc's next time wont you sing with meeeeeee!!!!!!!!!
You got serious skills dude
Keep it up!
I hope you keep on Slicin'!


Yesh. :3

Congratz on 15-stocking BB. You're amazing dood, of course they aren't the hardest people but you beat a whole crew by yourself. =)

I still await the day you beat my Diddy mon. D:

Hmmm...well I really gotz nothin` else to say--


Cool beans. =D

YES. I r dun hear. :]

Oh where 2 start with this guy?Well let's see 4 starters I met Slice though a friend of mine when I first brawled slice I could never forget that day I pretty much got pwned lol,but that's another story XD(dam u slice).Anyway as I was sayin slice is honestly slice 1 of the few ppl I've met on neo that has a geneully good heart he's a kool guy 2 tlk 2 his skills in brawl beyond outragous I love the fact that we always have epic brawls.Slice kinda reminds me of myself he doesn't brawl just 2 wi.He plays just 2 have a good time.Am pretty sure we'll continue 2 be great friends.Keep slicin bro XD


The cake says it all(I hope it's your B-day or I will look like the biggest fool ever) Hope you have a good B-day buddy.
Hey Slicer. You know, we go quite a while back. I was there when you joined the forum, and I'm glad I met you early or we may never have gotten to know each other that well. I love brawling with you man. Ur such a hard core brawler, meaning you're tough and wily. Very nice that I met you bud. Let's keep it cool!

hi I just wanted to see if my signature looks right!!okay so bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla