Artirtico Sleva
Dec 25, 08 2:40am

And to get you in the Christmas mood – the best Christmas song ever!

Artirtico Sleva
Sep 3, 08 7:57pm
Hiya! You look like you could do with another stamp

And yes that's Abba under Zhao Yun and Zhu Rong! They are now with you always Hooray for Kunoichi and tight pink suits!

guang Sleva
Jun 15, 08 3:20am
Hey Slev, just noticed you signed my guestbook a while back, here's another sig for you XD.

Hope to see you around the WO and Koei forum some more.

Balambgirl Sleva
May 25, 08 1:32am
* Gives Sleva-chan autograph *

Keep up the good work at WO, you're a great member, you keep things very interesting! Good luck with the whole 2/3 of a finger

Have my stamp:

Gazette= win btw

InabyamaCastle Guard Sleva
Jan 29, 08 1:32pm
hows it goin?
yep, the name is refering to samurai games. Onimusha

I see you hang out in the DW forums.. havent been there recently, but if i drop by ill look for you.
nfingers Sleva
Jan 17, 08 11:14pm
Sorry it took so long, not here all that often. Figure I'd sign your guestbook, better late than never, right. 125 characters for a response?! I don't even use 125 charcters a day. Show how much communication skills I have.
Stormy Sleva
Nov 6, 07 3:18am
Where've you been? I haven't seen you here for a while. You've been on Deviantart, but....

Anyway, sorry, I kinda forgot to sign until now. I don't have a stamp, but I hope this'll do.


mrtyi234 Sleva
Oct 31, 07 2:49pm
hi mrtyi234 wont talk until the end of term 4

just giving u a hint

i wont talk until the end of term 4!

p.s your new avatar look stinks!

p.s.s hi and good bye!

wont see u until then!!!!!
Cougarulez Sleva
Oct 16, 07 5:30am
i waz ere 2k7

lol cheers for signing my guestbook i have signed your back now

call me guardian thats better for me call me SG if u want and btw your going to get hanged
Spawn of Evil Sleva
Oct 6, 07 10:53am
Ok, I finally got my stamp, so now I will sign yours because you signed mine. Thanks
mrtyi234 Sleva
Oct 5, 07 6:43am
you must be good at games! because you must do prutty hard for surive all of the places!

good luck

whatever lol

light is dying,darkness is elemental
mrtyi234 Sleva
Oct 1, 07 11:59am
i have seen you in lot of places but you help the others,you prutty cool!

post by mrtyi234****************************%%%%%%%%
Red_Phoenix Sleva
Jun 21, 07 8:59am

sign mines back lol.

c ya round the SW foums
Master_Zuo_Ci Sleva
Mar 13, 07 6:05pm
I sore you want to make an SW game and i'm currently creating an RPG and need more people to help.

Oh and almost forgot

You've been stamped by MZC
strategist_jeffo Sleva
Aug 26, 06 2:46am
Well, since you signed my guestbook, I'll sign yours. only I don't want to crush the computerscreen to write with a pen....

so signed:P

ik begreep het inderdaat niet, maar jij begrijpt dit waarschijnlijk niet.

gmcbfan Sleva
Jun 8, 06 4:28am
Hi,i'm just on a stamping spree and decided to stop by!Sees ya!!!
(credit goes to megatron)
DDR_Maniac Sleva
Apr 24, 06 7:44am
Hi Sleva, you signed my guestbook so i'l sign your! As soon as a I get a stamp I'll stamp you too! Thanks for signing!

Zekira Sleva
Apr 17, 06 9:06am
I normally don't sign guestbooks, but what the hey! neofriends are supposed to be friends.

First time I ever heard someone play Klonoa on Neo! How'd it go? Yeah that ending was so sad I had to cry, too.

Oh and is that a drawing of a neopet in your avatar?

Anyways, signing in here.

And I really love dragons. I'll just put in here the newest dragon idea I had, the Netherdrake:

May the dragon's blessings be with you.
super_plex Sleva
Mar 29, 06 7:32am
It's nice to find who actually knows about the Legend of Kay, and someone who likes it!

I really can't understand why it isn't greatly popular.

Oh well, I guess we can spread the word and inform people of the great Legend of Kay game!

Spyroflamesredsbum Sleva
Mar 22, 06 2:40pm
Hey sup sleva, i tout id sign ya guest book thinggy!^-^Man i got my very own fan, and im not meaning the one on the wall!^-^ U said that im cool, thanx, u also like arts thanx gain, and u also tink my name is cooool!