Slightly on the quirky shy side with a good moral foundation and faith. My one wish would be a world without judgment, and not necessarily upon me (not to sound pageant-y tacky). I love life and people. I have a deep appreciation for it, so I tend to not sweat the small stuff. I feel that I'm humble in many ways (not to sound conceited or cocky), before you gawk/laugh at other's misfortunes, Material possessions, lifestyle, mistakes, location and looks, take a good long hard look at your own vain flaws. I Feel no one is exempt from a clean slate. My dream lifestyle would be to keep things ,Organic, relaxed, spontaneous and plainly down-to-earth.


Reading books, Music, learning new things among trying them (even if it's terrifying as long as I'm not in danger), Camping, just nature in general, working out, eating healthy, getting my hair done (my rare moment of shallow vanity), cooking, Sleeping ;], movies, going out (rare thing as of late), and in my spare time play a round of video games specifically Rpg's but when I'm feeling frisky I'll sometimes branch out.


"You're just so pretty in your pain"

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