Man, I've been inactive for ages. Well, not completely. I've still been checking in once in a while but still.
I've gotten back into Mario Kart Wii so now I'm really good(for now.)
I'm now mentally disturbed because I have to get up early for school.
With school coming up, my gaming life is screwed.
Have a look at my gallery. All of it is made be me.
No one likes me =(
Does anyone want to exchange Animal Crossing: Wild World friend codes?
This game is the best addition to any Mario fan's collection SuperMarioAllStars25thAnniversaryEdition Wii
On the startup screen, I've got a fairy that looks a bit like Navi. Now I'm the hero of the LoZ games! SuperScribblenauts DS
I'm finally getting a router that actually works! I don't want to be relying on my friend all the time.
It's funny if you type and get over 13 characters. It says 'cannot calcuate'. AnimalCrossingCalculator DS
I need to know some good Nintendo Wi-fi hotspots in Perth, Western Australia.

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