Happy early Valentine's day!
    I figured this one was fitting for you, haha.

    - Sa-chan. ♥

Happy Holidays
Hope you have an awesome day, and a Happy New Year

from samkuro

Hey, I had you added to my old Neoaccount's friend list. I've talked to you before, haven't I?
For sure I know I've been in the same RP as you from time to time. So, I thought I would sign your guestbook.

Merry Christmas Ninetails! :3

This is Dutch Cutie btw.

~ All the best,

Somewhere down the road, I came across the closest friends I could ever find. An immaginary road filled with people whose faces I've never seen before, and yet, I consider you as an important part of my life, whoever you are, out there in the real world.

If you've gotten this guestbook signing, you are on my friends list. Being on my friends list is something special, if you don't already know. All of you here who get this are very important people to me, even if you do not still remain here on neo to see my appreciation of you being my friend. Because you have this, we have history together, whether it be long lived or short lived. Whether we met in the casual forum topics, roleplay(s), clans in various forums, or through other people.

So, thank you for being my friend for all this time, and I hope to continue being friends.

Hope you've been doing well since we last talked. Hope to here from you sometime.

P.S.- Photobucket is being gay saying I need to be atleast eighteen to view "cherry blossoms". .-.
Happy Holidays, to my first "fan" from Neoseeker, and one of the best friends I've made on the site :3
Well figured I better do this sooner rather than later. After all I can't bare to see a Guestbook empty. So here's a stamp from your pal Zac.

...signing your guestbook

what it is, dude, what it is. too bad our matches never work, since one of is always taking a shower or feeding our dog or combing our pubic hair.

and the next time gotenks isn't looking, i'll totally own you in a 1337speek-off, just wait

I am on a mission to sign everyone on neo's guestbook. I am doing this in hopes you will sign back.

You are sign #12 in the mission
Well I'm on a stamping spree [due to boredom >.>]
I also wanted to thank you for being such a big part of my RP it's been such a wonderful time working with you. Hope we can become close friends =D

Stamping spree!

With this funny looking stamp! Hope to talk to you soon!

.:: Stamped By Kia ::.
Hi. I have signed your guestbook three times, well four after this, and you still have only signed mine once. So? Just sign back, please! Here's a stamp for you, anyway.

Hey there friend.

im there. in the deep, just keep looking, u will see.
Looked at my signing...yeah, what am I? 9? No. I'm not.

Here's a depressing little picture to take your mind off of whipped cream...in a can...

=( So sad... Won't someone give him an umbrella?
Shocking! It would be so cool to have my birthday on Valentines day, but it's not...instead it's after the day of April Fools...haha.
Wow you've turned 16? That means you can do some...stuff. xD
Have fun! Oh and it comes with imageage:

Oh and reply to some PM's already ~ <3 Take care, etc...
Wow... My NeoBro turned 16! I'm so happy! ;-;

..But this stamp is so cheap, I just took a pic and put words on it. XDD;

Have a happy birthday, Zach-nii-san! ^w^

Hey man. Just gotta sign your GB for no apparant reason, but hey, it's been a blast talking to you and stuff, so heck, why not!
See ya around the forums and stuff!

-Teh MightyZ-
Thanks for being my friend! I hope we can meet on the forums soon!

I <3 Ninetales!!
Hey, SleepingNinetails, how are you? Thanks to you, I can now stamp people's guestbooks properly. I thought I would stamp your guestbook as you're so cool and, in my opinion, one of the greatest neo-friends I could ever make. You r awesome! So, yeah. Here's the stamp I promised you.

Sign back sometime and tell me what you think, please.
Your pal, Bluepikky24
(Bluey, Bluepikky, Blue, Bp24, Bluepik)
(Regan, Brandon (on forums))
I have lots of nicknames.
Yo~! I made a new st3mp from my friends art, sadly, its not mine, though i did the tails head etc.
We really took our time on it, so i hope you liekz it.



There, your 2 banners, this means my deed is fulfilled
Zach-nii-san! Hello thar! xD You're such an awesome NeoBrother that I couldn't ignore you. :3

~Your little sister, Seda-chan. <3