All I knew is slowly crumbling. Time, thou art a heartless wench.
Going on 7 years on this site, I've seen a lot of things. Met a lot of people, and made a lot of lasting memories. Sigh, reminiscing.
Wish I could just go back in time... back to the way things used to be.
Give me just one reason to stay, I beg of you please.
Think it's about time I leave this place.
Boo, will you write with me again?
No update from Boo today? Clear to see her life has gone to ACIII
Would anybody be interested in reading over part of a novel and giving feedback?
Need to find somebody to write with again. I'm beginning to miss it :(
I don't believe I agree with this update.
I was serenely independent and content before we met... Surely I could always be that way again, and yet...

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