god of power Slayerholic17
Jun 13, 07 4:28pm
there i signed your GB and im your slave do what you wish with me...........

ok fine your a nice person and i will do what ever it take to make you happy but still PM you never seem to to me i fell offended just kidding you can pm when ever.
Cloud777 Slayerholic17
May 18, 07 11:27pm
I don't know if you remeber me but we were in this RP together, it was pretty fun.. Well See ya around!
ChiroVette Slayerholic17
Jan 20, 07 8:41am
Okay Jill, you have got to stop obsessing over me. For God's sake, you're a married woman. Sheesh!

lol Happy and a healthy New Year, you're a great Neofriend! Hugs and kisses miss thing!
Dinosoid Slayerholic17
Jan 10, 07 5:24am
You are hereby conscripted into the bondage of service of the Grand Warlord kjgmusic the Merciless. You are obliged to render your services to him whenever he deems it necessary. It is your duty to throw your life, and the lives of those you command, away at His Lordship's will. You are to take up and and guard His Lordship's presense. If you chose not to kneel under His Lordship's service, you and those under your command will be destroyed by kjmusic's faithful servants who would convey his wrath. Choose wisely.

Bean2 Slayerholic17
May 31, 06 11:54pm
Well, I'm kinda on a signing spree today, and I'm pretty hyper. We've seen eachother around the Legend threads(obviously) and you've helped me out with the game quite a bit, so I have stamped you:

*cough* I love noodles...Okay, well, sign me back, I'll see you around the forums...PM me if you want.
Miller Slayerholic17
May 29, 06 12:23am

The man burned the trapped bathroom, Stephanie bantered in a thrilled voice.

HAR HAR you smell!
Trafalgar Slayerholic17
Apr 27, 06 2:08pm
Thanks for your comments on my writing, And for joining my RP
As promised, Here's my stamp

vanillagigglez Slayerholic17
Jan 08, 06 7:55pm

Hi, I'm vanillagigglez and I'm signing your guestbook today because my slave master weatherlover427 / sodadrinker777 ordered me to or else he said he'd send a blizzard of 10 feet of snow to where I live:(
Stevebeoulve2 Slayerholic17
Dec 28, 05 9:27am
Sorry it took me so long (a few months) for me to sign back. Please forgive me.

Echo Slayerholic17
Dec 25, 05 5:57am
Hey Jill! Happy Holidays! I hope you have a great Christmas, and an awesome New Years! Hopefully we can talk soon, since I miss ya!

Love ya, from:
Knight of Gold Slayerholic17
Dec 24, 05 9:04pm
Its been a while since Ive stamped anything at all, but guess this is the best day to do do it, merry Xmas, have fun and take care

Miss Witching Hour Slayerholic17
Nov 07, 05 11:20pm
Hi jillian, It has been AGES since we spoke, i hope you are ok, and had a great halloween. Its a huge shame about Nightwish, isnt it! I do hope it isnt the last we have heard from them!
please take care matexx

Homunculus Lover Slayerholic17
Oct 27, 05 6:24pm
I wanna be your neo bitch. Can I? Oh please please please.

Heh heh. Nice to see you again, Jilli! Thought I'd pop by see how you are doing.

Hope you like the stamp. Keep your eye on it.

see you around! ^^
vanillagigglez Slayerholic17
Oct 09, 05 8:22pm
Hey Jilli ma chica! We haven't talked in aaaaaaaaaaages but this is a random signing spree, hope ya return the favour!

Love Vanilla
SunnyDelight Slayerholic17
Jun 23, 05 8:01pm
I decided to stamp your guestbook so here`s the KH stamp!
twisted_Metal Slayerholic17
Jun 06, 05 10:20pm
Slayerholic17's a beautiful name for a beautiful women:)
I signed yours so u have to put your hand on my.... I mean you have to sign mine:)
Miss Witching Hour Slayerholic17
Apr 22, 05 7:08pm
heya havent spoken to you in a while so i have decided to stamp you so i dont feel so bad..lol

take care mate
hi thought i would sign your gb sign back or pm me if u want to.
AprilAKitty Slayerholic17
Apr 11, 05 8:06am

I'm on a little signing spree, and I knew i just had to sign yours I'm so very happy that we're friends, and thank you sooo very much for being in my rp. Because of your efforts and writing talent, my rp really wouldn't be where it is today. Thank you bunches

Don't forget to sign mine too!
lordevil Slayerholic17
Apr 05, 05 1:46am
Check out my new stamp!

Sign back! See ya!
Angel Blade Slayerholic17
Apr 04, 05 10:59pm
This is a late signing for everyone who signed my guestbook from the time I left, and up to now =) And for uhm... neofriends xDD

Love Chronicle - Changin' My Life ( Performed in Full Moon wo Sagashite)

Naze darou koi no shikata sae sukkari wasureteta
Deai wa itsuka kuru wakare no hajinari to
Itsu no ma ni ka kimetsuketeita

Yogoreta suniikaa no
Hadoketa himo musunde kureta
Hani kamu anata no egao
Asahi wo abite
Tokimeita kyuu ni

Ai saretai kara
Aishitai wake jyanai
ai suru
Yuuki wo kureta ne

Kore kara no tabi ni
Futari ima
Chikau yo
Nani ga atte mo
Kono te hanasanai



Why is it that I've completely forgotten how to love?
We will meet someday... and then go our separate ways again..
Just don't know when it's going to happen.

Whenever the shoelaces on my dirty sneakers came loose...
... you were the one who tied them for me.
That shy smile of yours shines in the morning light.
Suddenly, my heart races...

Just because I wanted to be loved... doesn't mean I want to love..
Give me the courage to love honestly.
I'm going on a journey now. Let the two of us make a vow..
No matter what happens, this hand won't let go.


Ahahaha, love that song *Hearts it* That's right, that's right... who did the translations? I DID *laughs in your face* >_>;; <_<;;

Oh, BTW, if you haven't, you should watch Full Moon wo Sagashite *Advertisement* =3

Love always,
Miss Witching Hour Slayerholic17
Apr 03, 05 3:55am
havent spoken to you in ages.
i have a new stamp and ive come to put it in ur guestbook

take care mate
jespomo Slayerholic17
Mar 27, 05 3:32am
Hey there Jill

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo

Ps. Sorry its not my ass
Camp Kill Yourself Slayerholic17
Mar 26, 05 4:49am
Hi there, Slayerholic.

I've seen you around, like nearly everywhere which I go, so I thought meh, probably haven't signed yet so I might aswell now.. As ya do at times like these.

So, how ya doing?
Having fun?
Wanna sign back?

w00t, good bye.
staticfire Slayerholic17
Mar 24, 05 10:53am
You are now comeplete. I have signed your guest book! Now you can be happy for the rest of your life.

I give it two thumbs up!

If we rob a bank and get caught I'm blaming your hot old perv husband.