Me likes....:

~animals. They really are my passion in life. I'm all for animal rights. I'm a emergency vet tech, and I also work at a day practice.

~reading...currently Harry Potter yay! Also just finished the Sookie Stackhouse series and Twilight Saga...:)

~Video games. Currently playing: Wow...FFXIII...

~Music. Favorite bands/singers at the moment are Evanescence, Nine Inch Nails, Co & Ca., Paramore, Lily Allen.

*Concerts I've been to:
*HFStival 2003
*The Rolling Stones
*All American Rejects
*Paul McCartney
*Depeche Mode
*Nine Inch Nails
*Dinosaur Jr.
*The Cure

~Being Online. Usually I'm here on neo, or just chatting with people. Feel free to im me anytime you want, I'm up for talking to anyone. Lately, though, I've not been online much at all, so if you PM me and I don't get back to you for awhile, don't take it personal.

~Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I'm an obsessed freak. Got all the dvds available, can tell you basically anything about every episode...sad, I know.


~~Neoseeker Life~~

I've made some great friends here and lost some great friends here, too. I've done good things and made mistakes and isolated people I've cared about. Some things I did I wish I could take back. Even if it is just the internet, there's still real people behind the screen, and real people who's feelings you can hurt. So to those of you who I've done wrong, I'm truly sorry, from the bottom of my heart.

~Current RPs:

~Previous RPs:

*Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Apocalypse Cult
*Resident Evil: Death March
*Fatal Frame: Red Rain
*Silent Hill: Tears
*Ceres: Evil Reborn
*Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Reign of Europe
*Attack on Hataki High
*Hren's Retrobution
*Neverending Quest for the Lost Jewel of Testenare
*Resident Evil: The Day of the Dead
*Cardiver's Hospital


*Earthboy Zim
*Fallen Hero
*Homunculus Lover
*Miss Witching Hour
*Norad 2
*Phantasy Lord
*Rotting Corpse
*Saint Jaycee


By the way, I'm always recruiting. =D


Our lives begin to end the day we become slient about things that matter.

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Review: The Sims Bustin' Out - The Sims Return

Jan 2, 2004

The Sims Bustin Out is an awesome game. First off, you can travel around and go to diffeent scenes rather than staying stuck inside the house all the time. You meet more new and interesting people this way, from clubbers to artists to deadbeats....

Jillian Meyers


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