I don't really like this game that much. DragonBallZTaiketsu GBA
Not as good as Buu's Fury but still fun. DragonBallZTheLegacyOfGoku2FutureShock GBA
I own this game but haven't played it for years... DigimonBattleSpirit GBA
Underrated and amazing game DragonBallZBuusFury GBA
I love this game but I hate the liberation missions. MegaManBattleNetwork5TeamProtoman GBA
I love Final Fantasy games and these remakes don't disappoint. FinalFantasy1and2DawnOfSouls GBA
One of my favorite Harvest Moon games. HarvestMoonFriendsOfMineralTown GBA
The GBC version was surprisingly better but this one's still fun. HarryPotterandTheChamberOfSecrets
Golden Sun is simply awesome. GoldenSunTheLostAge GBA
In the top 5 best games of my life! TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime N64
Not as good as the first but amazing! BanjoTooie N64
Addictive racing with Mario! MarioKart64 N64
Paper Mario IS Super Mario RPG 2 PaperMario N64
One of my favorite N64 games. GoldenEye

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