Rome SlashXIII
Dec 24, 07 6:24am

Fausta Festa Christi Natalitia!

Habe festum mirabilem!
Xemnas the Superior SlashXIII
Aug 23, 07 5:45pm
So, here you go, a hot fresh stamp. Fancy, eh?
Mothball SlashXIII
Aug 5, 07 7:47pm
Bow before this.

Now isn't that one smexy piece of Equipment.

The Ibanez Jem developed by Steve Vai, produced by Ibanez.

You been stamped
Knightmare Chaotix SlashXIII
Jun 4, 07 8:38pm
My Awesome Stamp of Awesomeness:

Made by Xegaldis.

~Knightmare Chaotix, The Untimed
fitted SlashXIII
Apr 17, 07 1:34am
Sorry I don't have a stamp, I should really make one, my guestbook signings to people must be dead boring. Well, see ya around!
silverhikari SlashXIII
Apr 5, 07 4:00am
Hey Slash! Just signing back, and yes, i know you'll never let me live it down. Just like you, eh Yaoi Hater? (Yes, that is gonna sick like glue!)

Stitch SlashXIII
Apr 4, 07 9:51pm
Stitch fan signing back to ya!

Mahalo and Aloha!
Have a nice day!
ocinom SlashXIII
Apr 4, 07 2:59am
I know we just met, but I'm still signing your GB anyways.
fairygrl SlashXIII
Mar 23, 07 5:52am
lol too bad u cant transfer your old GB signings here

anyway i fuuuukkkinnnn am glad we talk cuz i'm the shit and if we talk then your automatically "in"


anyway yuppzz hope to talk 4ever

dark_angel141 SlashXIII
Mar 15, 07 2:54am
hey whats up hope your doing good and stuff your very sweet and one of the happy parts of my day is getting to talk to you:rainbow: