I'm currently 17 (1995), and am a pretty tech guy. I'm about to finish school and venture out into the land of adulthood and careers. I am majorly into computers and want an IT job of any sort. I don't really mind what kind, I just like working with/around/on computers. I'm also a gamer and hope that I'm able to continue that when I'm an adult. I like editing videos to put onto my YouTube channel and also like messing around on Photoshop. Not too much of an artist, but I do like to think it's not complete crap. :)


I make videos on YouTube at I mainly create Call of Duty videos/commentaries. Occasional "Let's Play" every now and again. I own an Xbox 360, PS3 and a gaming PC. So chances are, if you search for SlantedPillow, I'm probably on there :P. If you wish to add me, send me a message with how you found me just so I know.

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