Harvest Moon Angel Skywing
Jun 22, 09 8:49am

Will I really mean it thank you so much. I really do appreciate everything you've done for me. I made this stamp just for you Will-Kun.
Celestial Pichu Skywing
May 24, 09 6:30am

Hello, ever troublesome big brother!

Thanks a ton for being there for me. You're a great friend, a great big brother! I can't imagine my Neo-life without you. Your serious, sarcastic, annoying, and an over-all jerk. But you're also funny, sweet, and really nice. Not to mention overprotective! So I'm glad to have met you! ^-^

You were the person to bring me back to Neo, and for that I am grateful. If I hadn't found you on gaia, I probably would never have come back. I've missed everyone - and yeah, even you! So this is one of my happier times. Because of you.

Now you better have fun, you hear me? I let you run me over, operate on me, and give me a tail! My inbox is open for PMing, and you know that. All my friends do. So just give me a PM if you need anything. OK? Then again, you are rarely ever the person to need anything! ^-^

P.S. Keep up the beautiful poems! I want to see more!

"Arigatou Big Brother"

Daydreaming Skywing
May 2, 09 11:02pm

Credit to Rikku Chick

*leaves a stamp*


*and a cookie*
InuFreak Skywing
Mar 31, 09 3:29am
Since I met you...You've been helping me in so many ways. I know you tell me that I don't need to thank you for anything...But I do...

Senpai...You have been such a wonderful friend to me...I'm so thankful that I had decided to come out from 'hiding' and gone back to posting in forums again last year...If I didn't, I never would have met you. And that would have been one of my greatest regrets.

All the arguements that we've had...Despite them having us 'yelling' at each other...It was actually fun. We've been through quite alot together this past year...And, even though it seems like time is repeating itself..., I'm looking forward to what lies ahead this year.

I know that it's unlikely that we'll ever meet in person...But that doesn't mean that it won't happen. And me being able to thank you in person for once...That would be a goal that I'd really like to see completed.

So...[For now] Thank you for everything you've done since meeting you...The fights, the laughs, the smiles...everything.

...Thank you...Winter-Senpai...

PupgirlPawz Skywing
Mar 27, 09 1:18am
I'm on a stamping spree, and I guess I'll stamp yours while I'm at it... I guess so... xD

Jackyrh Skywing
Mar 13, 09 12:05am
Hi! I think your really cool. And I love your picture too! Harvest Moon DS fans rock! your profile is good. Ill keep looking at your profile to see what other games you like!!
PupgirlPawz Skywing
Feb 14, 09 10:27pm
Happy Valentines Day Sky!

ilovharvestmoon Skywing
Dec 31, 08 9:06pm
my friend harvest moon angel says ou were a great person.So, if you are reading this, hello and goodbye.I wih you were my friend, and all of say please come back Sky, plese come back.
Bitter Sweet Skywing
Dec 23, 08 6:12pm
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks for being such a funny friend, and human translator. (:

Sarvani ~<3
PupgirlPawz Skywing
Nov 22, 08 11:20pm
Good~Bye Sky.
You are already missed in The Rune Factory Forum.

Everyone you have talked to on Neo will never forget the niceness and greetings you gave them. And neither will I...

Good~Bye, I'll never forget you. ;.;
Major Lynette Skywing
Oct 4, 08 4:58pm
Hey Sky,

Alright, Sky, here's the truth: I'm really, really, really, really, really glad that I met you. Sky, you changed my life. You helped me through some really rough times and I'll never forget that. If there's anything you want me to do, Sky, than just name it. I don't know how I'll repay you.

You've taught me a lot: About neo and about life. I've learned an important lesson from you. Now you seem to be struggling in life. I don't know why, but I'll tell you what you told me and hopefully it'll help you as much as it helped me: Someone cares. Someone, somewhere, whether it's your mother or your second cousin by marriage's nieces mother-in-law, hundreds of people or one alone, cares about you. Truly cares. Someone cares for your happiness enough that they will stay beside you even if you're miserable toward them, and someone will be deeply devastated if anything happens to you.

Harvest Moon Angel Skywing
Sep 21, 08 8:29am
I am finally signing your guest book. Sorry it took so long.

Sky like the stamp says you have a very strong heart which makes you want to protect all the is important to you! Being your neowife was the best thing ever and you were the best neo husband. I am glad that your my friend cause you were able to get to me. You were able to see me for who I really am and you accepted me for who I really am. You truly made make me happy you always have you've touched my heart in a way no one else has.

We have been through so much together I will always trust you and I'll never forget you no matter what. You always have been and always will be my one and only Winged Knight.

Signed by your Angel
Quick Draw Skywing
Aug 16, 08 2:31am
Hey Sky!
Mega:Hey Sky!
Me and Mega are teaming up for a stamp, Because you deserve it!
Mega: Yeah, What he said. Lol.
Mega: Using our Graphic powerz
We Teamed up
Quick: And present you with
Mega: The awesomest stamp ever!
Take This!

Mega: Even though the RF mod spot was what I was Trying real hard not to quit for, Its people like you who make me really regret I did quit.
See ya around!
WhisperintheWind Skywing
Aug 12, 08 4:11am

I just thought I'd let Mr. Kitty pop in and say hello. He's seen you around the forum and thinks you're pretty cool.
Hi! ^__^
Smileygirl Skywing
Aug 11, 08 7:09pm
Hello Sky! You have just been caught in the middle of a stamping spree. So, you get a stamp from moi~

Pleez feed teh fishes D8
Midnight Blue Skywing
Jul 29, 08 8:10pm
Even though you're annoying and sometimes even childish you're a great friend. Couldn't miss out your guestbook on my signing spree!

Have a wonderful life (post properly in the bloomin HMH RP already!) and I hope to talk to you soon!

~ Roxanne aka Midnight-Chan ~

InuFreak Skywing
Jul 14, 08 12:17am
Hey Sky! Got a new stamp and some good news for you! ^^

Sky, my counselor gave me an update on my progress for the past seven months today. He told me that in those few months I've been improving greatly in not trying to hurt myself and have had a decrease of those thoughts I've been having every now and then. He asked me why I think this has been happening and I told him I wasn't sure, that perhaps my friends have been helping me through this or something. I think that meeting you and you being tough on me when I needed it has helped me a lot! I told my counselor that lately I have been feeling depressed, but not once during this time [and I'm being perfectly honest] have I tried to hurt myself. Sky, you and very few people are receiving this stamp. This is only for the few people who have really helped me get through this problem of mine, and you're one of them.

Rick [counselor] says that if I keep this up till the end of this year, i won't need to go to counseling anymore and that I shouldn't have these thoughts and attempts anymore!

Thank you so much, Sky, for everything! I can't see myself becoming a better person without your help!

Major Lynette Skywing
Jul 1, 08 2:54pm
Sky, you are one of the best friends I have ever met in my life. You are a remarkable person and I'm glad I met you.

Sky... there's so much I need to thank you for. You were my first good friend on Neo. You were one of the first people on Neo to ever side with me on a subject. We battled the insane together. We started the RP together. I know some of your big secrets, you know some of mine. You help me through so much. As the song says "When it feels like my dreams are so far, sing to me of the plans that you have for me over again" you do that. Whenever I'm discouraged, you encourage me and get me back on my feet. Thank you, Sky.

Marooned Chic Skywing
Jun 26, 08 5:08am

Hello Friend!
Take Care!

Your friend, Refia.
KUsoccerfan45 Skywing
Jun 11, 08 12:03am
Hey sky,its just Ku-Ku coming to stamp you!
I have 2 stamps and here they are!

Hope you like them!
Major Lynette Skywing
Jun 7, 08 3:20pm
Hi there Sky,

I'm on an S.S., boy do I love Hamlet. Nonetheless... rosemary. For remembrance.

InuFreak Skywing
Jun 7, 08 2:22am
I'm having fun with my new stamp! ^^ So I have to thank you, big brother, for making it!

Sky, I swear you're one of the best guy friends I have here on Neo! You help me when I feel bad and you always know what to say to bring peoples spirits up. For someone who has his own troubles to deal with, you're a really great guy that cares for his friends. I'm very glad and honored that I met you.


Chloe_Lover Skywing
Jun 2, 08 7:41pm
Hey Sky! Just signing my friends GuestBooks.

Megacoolstar Skywing
May 26, 08 2:25am
Heylo Founder of Team Eeveelution!
Came to stamp your Guestbook, And no the Stamp dosent imply im a girl.
And by some reason, i think its a boy in the stamp anyway.
Aether Skywing
May 4, 08 8:12pm
Congrats on winning the Rune Factory Awards!

♥ AE ♥