Sep 6, 09 9:30am
- Just trace the cracks in the mirror...
Sep 6, 09 9:30am
- Just trace the cracks in the mirror...
Aug 8, 09 6:31am
- 'Til then I walk alone...
Skywing blogged
Feb 21, 09 8:42pm

Haven't posted in over a month so this blog post will most likely be very long.

Same old things happened in life. Get up, get ready, go to school, come home, do homework, annoy people on Neo, go to sleep, and repeat. Nothing exciting ever happens anymore. Well...I shouldn't quite say that. In the past month I've seen many members come and go off Neo for various reason. (Kid Icarus as one example) I've also started to play Football for my school's team which has been awesome. Plus my grades have been a bit better.

Lately I haven't been listening to my multitude of Swedish music and instead have been listening to some more stuff that relates to my life such as Sk8ter Boi (Avril Laviene) and Girlfriend (Avril Laviene). Both songs are about a guy who sorta has two girls that both want him but he can only choose one. Besides for that, there's been a few good movies here and there. One movie I'm gonna be going to see next Saturday is Madea Goes to Jail. It's awesomly hilarious and I can't wait to go see it. If you want to see a preview then just PM me and I'll link you.

I also asked a girl out in school but she told me she wasn't interested at the moment, oh well. Life goes on I guess. We're still friends though and we still talk often.

I've decided to start doing some graphics again and maybe experiment with GIMP a bit. If you have any requests and I know you, then feel free to PM me with an image and request. I don't require a special format, just PM me. No credit required at all.

On a side note, I've noticed something recently after reading a book. People claim to be racist or not, prejudice or not. Yet, if you claim you're not, then you're lying. When you think about it, everyone has issues against some group of people. You may perhaps not realize it, but has there ever been that one group of people that you have never treated the same as everyone else? Has there ever been that one group of people that you try to avoid? Has there ever been that one group of people that creep you out? Face it, everyone is predjudice against one group or another and to say you're not is to lie.

Well that's pretty much it for now. Wow that was a lot shorter than I expected. But before I go I guess I might as well do a couple of shoutouts.

InuFreak - Just remember, life is one big ironic story. What you want, you never get. What you don't want, you always get.
Harvest Moon Angel - Don't let the past, especially you know what, get you down. Heck, time moves forwards, not backwards.
Kid Icarus - Hope everything goes great. Pretty much everyone in the Explorers of Darkness forum miss you.
Midnight Blue - Trust me, your stubborness will get through his thick head eventually.
The Rising Nebula - Answer MB's dang messages! Theesh!

Du fråga jag om jag älska du. och den där er saken. Gör jag älska du?

graphic design music other musingsthoughts movies

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Skywing blogged
Jan 10, 09 6:21am

I've survived my first week back to school. I'm doing pretty good in my new math class, even though my teacher hates me. She took a mechanical pencil and started to jab my calculator until it broke. Then she told me to take it back to the store and return it for a refund.

Besides for that, everything is going pretty well. Besides, of course, for listening to a certain person try to point out all my flaws and say how perfect they are.

I've also been writing a fictional book with the help of one of my neo-friends. (Thanks Inu!) The first couple of books is about a guy named Jared Midnight who "dies" at his high school graduation and mysterious reappears years later. The last few books are about his children, William and Harmony Midnight. I showed the story so far to a few friends at school and they said they really liked it. I'm currently up to page 30-something but I'm going to restart it and type it up on the computer this time.

Also lately I've been into trying to learn Swedish. I found this online translator and have been talking to my friends in Swedish, though they don't understand at all. It's funny though because someone does get mad and smacks me when I talk in Swedish. (She knows who she is if she's reading this)

There's not much else going on in my life right now, except for a few fights with people but I really don't want to get into that. But before you go, here is something to think about.

I've always wondered something. People always say "Curiosity killed the cat." But what is the point of life without curiosity? Without curiosity life is boring and dull. So heck, maybe the "cat" does die but at least he had fun before he died. So which is worse? Life without fun or fun without life?

Och så hjälten stod upp och promenerat bort. Bort från det förflutna , bort från föreställa , bort från framtida. Ändå Vinter var sluten och isen smälte , hans hjärtan vände till isen och ingenting skulle rädda honom.

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Skywing blogged
Jan 6, 09 6:50am

Winter break has finally ended and I don't know if you would really call it Winter break. Mostly because it doesn't snow here at all or get cold. Which really sucks considering I love snow. I guess you could say this is what happens when a country kid lives in the city. Oh well...

Anyways, school starts again tommorow and I'm not really sure if I'm happy about that or not. In school I guess you could say I tend to get it over my head. I take honors and college classes that are a good bit ahead of me. But I also have my friends which I haven't talked to since before break and seeing them will be great. I just hope that Angelica remembers what "You're my b*tch means" (Long story, very funny)

I'm still not sure what's happening with math though. I was taking honors Algebra 2 and getting a C and I think I'm transferring into regular Algebra 2 instead of honors.

Besides for that, I'm already being pressured to start looking for colleges by mey teachers. (WTF? I'm only a Freshman) Anyways, I know I'm setting my goals too high again but I've been considering going to Harvard Law.

As for life outside of school, I'm currently learning to drive. (I'm actually pretty good) I'm also happy with what I got for Christmas and my Birthday. (Especially the 75$ in Itunes cash =D) I'm also planning on going to the store soon and getting Rune Factory 2. Though, I've been reading about it and pretty much already spoiled the entire storyline. >_<

Right now I'm currently into the Tyler Perry movies, (Yay Madea!) I've been listening to Swedish music and Sarah McGlachlan, and I've also been reading The Giver and Epic.

Well, that's all for now. I know this isn't all that exciting but maybe next time I'll have something more interesting. Maybe I'll have straight A's in school? Maybe I will have asked Angelica out? Maybe I will learn to finally understand Swedish music? Honestly, who knows...

music other musingsthoughts books

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