welcome to cheese land. now hurry up and get the cannon.

Interests favorite DS games are as follows, in order of which one I like best:
1. metroid prime: hunters
2. Anmal crossing: ild world
3. lost in blue 2
4. nintendogs....I guess
Now, the gamecube section in entirely differnt, but my all time fave is super smsh bros. of course. cant wait for the new one to come out. and o yeah...i used to have a Psone ages ago favorites for that would be:
1. chrono cross...(of course)
2. that spyro game.
stuff i like to do: take long walks, geting m gaminformer magazine, watch my brother play SWBF (hes pretty good), bellitle people, swim, draw, read, sleep, yell at my cat for peeing on my strategy guides, play metroid w/ my friends....yeah.

things i hate: physics class.....uhhhhh...ill continue this later.


until morale rises, the beatings will continue.
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