Yo~ So I got bored and came on neo today a lot has changed but in some ways it's still the same lol. But idk I got to scrollin through old posts and guestbook signings and it made me kinda miss coming on haha. But then again the whole reason I ever got on was to see you and my other friends. But yeah I miss the old times tbh it seemed like we didn't have a care in the world o: I thought I'd be friends with everyone for life, guess it goes to show how much can change. But I'm always glad that even though we've been through or fair share of stupid shit we are still great pals :3 I might try and get on more often idk, these days I feel like we don't get to talk as often and I kick myself for that @.@ We used to could talk for hours on end. I wanna get back to that :3 like our hilarious calls on msn omg those were the best and my mom would be like, "what the hell are you doing?" XD Honestly like for those past years I think I was on the computer nonstop rofl. I looked at my neo register date and nearly choked, this december it will be 6 years, damn time flies. Sometimes I wish I lived closed to you, it'd be a blast to hang out (we'd probably get into mischief ;D) Cuz idk no other of my girl friends get me like you do :/ Your always fun to hang with online so I know you would be in person. I really hope I can come visit you soon, but I know I wouldn't want to leave when the time came ;-; But yeah sorry for the long ass post I got nostalgic n' stuff ;A; you know how I get xD I lub u bbz stay rad <3
HEY GURL! Look, ive never met u but from what everyone else says, u sound really awesome. and i believe every word. plus we're both pink! i didnt copy! I promise! ~Pinkydarn
O.k I read all the rules of the game, sign me up, what character roles can I play and what day will the game start? I never got a chance to play this game before.
I just realized that I've never signed your guestbook yet, or anyone else's for that matter. Well I guess this will be my first time, NOT!!!

But seriously, look at all these pretty pictures other people posted. Damn. Well, since you already have that picture of my balls I don't think I can post anything else that can top it. So...enjoy ~!~

P.S. I meant this guestbook entry, not my balls.

P.P.S. Feel free to delete it if you want. I won't blame you for it. Ya it's spam alright

P.P.P.S I meant this guestbook entry, not the picture of, you know what.
Hey Pinky Pink what's up? I just came here to say sorry for that time I insulted you back then along time ago. I may look big, old, ugly, rude, violent and scary to you. But I never meant you any harm, I don't want to be your arch rival or anything, I just want to make peace now.

So have a great day.
Christopher Drew. @_@ <3

Wow, I love NeverShoutNever! and Secondhand Serenade.

Would be nice to know you. I'm 13, too.

Not many females that are 13 years old on Neoseeker these days. XD
Oh Emm Gee! I'm on a stamping spree!

Stamp back if ya wanna

Taking up space
I'm going on a GB signing frenzy, and your one of the people I'm signing!

Hope you like it ^-^
Just signing your guestbook-

Now I understand whats neo-married.

I saw a lot profiles with neowife, neoGF...


Nice Profile and Day.
You like Sims2?
I've onced played it but its kinda hard.
I'm kinda new to neoseeker.
Then, your neohome is so funny.
Neo-married? How?
Haha OK then bye.
We've known each other ages,
But heed a friendly warning:
April Fool's is coming,
So look out on that Morning!

Medii xx


You know... I haven't done one of these signings in such a long, long, long time! I don't even have a stamp! =O Grr, oh well.

Ooh, but look at what I do have!

Hehe, cool monkey. xDDD! Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for being such a good friend! We haven't talked in a while though. =[ Seriously though, talking to you was a blast! (:

I wish I knew what else to say... Uhm what do people say when their signing someone's guestbook? I'll have to find out. Well, I hope I can think of something and I won't just be talking about thinking about what people say when they sign someone's guestbooks. <-- Oh great! xD! Haha. =P

Chrissy <3

Now you can stop hastling me to sign your guestbook. See, I finally did it, did i not tell you I would?

Thanks, for always being there Skye, for always being a great freind, I feel, your the only one I can tell my secrets too, you really are a great person.

Valentine treasures are people who
have often crossed your mind,
family, friends and others, too,
who in your life have shined
the warmth of love or a spark of light
that makes you remember them;
no matter how long since you’ve actually met,
each one is a luminous gem
who gleams and glows in your memory,
bringing special pleasures,
and that’s why this Valentine comes to you:
You’re one of those sparkling treasures.

With love,

Hey Skye!

Take care!

Princess Gow Gow
Thanks for the signing, Merry Christmas to you.

Sorry I haven't been talking much on msn, school, Christmas and whatnot. I'll be sure to talk to you soon. Also, after tomorrow I wont be on for a while either, going to my pops, on skidoo (YAY!) and all those other "Christmasy" things.

Also, sorry I don't have a stamp, I'll get one sometime xD.

Oh yeah, only $300 more and I have my dirtbike! Woohoo! Haha, talk to ya later

Merry Christmas Skye! Hope you have a great Christmas!
When I think of all the times we've shared
from the happy to the sad
You've been the greatest friend to me
through good times and through bad.
We love to get crazy from time to time,
that's what friends are supposed to do
But when times get rough
there is never a doubt that I can count on you.
We have the kind of friendship
that endures 'til the very end
Because I can't imagine my life without you~
My Best and Forever Friend

With love,
Made it today

rather put text on an image and said i made it


Made it today

rather put text on an image and said i made it


I should've really signed a long time ago, you and your guestbook are too awesome though!

Well Skye your one of the first few friends I made on the site, back a little while after I joined when I started posting in the MySims GD/

Just keep being awesome xD!

I had a stamp, but it died. (In another words, I think iit got deleted D:)
You are a pretty good person to talk to. I mean there's all these people I talk to on the web but none of them can ever be serious. You can though and that's a good thing. Not that I don't joke around cause I try to be funny a lot, but meh, it doesn't work does it? Oh well haha you are a great person to talk to. Don't change kay? KAY.
It's been a while since I last spoke to you and signed your guestbook. I have a new stamp as well. I hope you like it!

You're a great person, don't change.

Have a wonderful life and I hope to talk to you soon!

~ Roxanne aka Midnight-Chan ~

I know you won't see this till you get back but hailey made me a stamp for my birthday and I'm stamping everyone

later love

<3 Chas
1. Thanks for signing my guestbook, I know it's kinda late, but better late than never

2. Since you added me to your neofriends list, I just added you