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Aug 21, 10 6:20am

3 years on neo. I'll be damned.

Nothing much to be proud of here, I'm really not posting to be proud of myself or anything. Just a title. That being said, this blog post is mostly about Neo. Nothing to heavy, just little shout-outs. (:

Back in 2007, I was the definition of a noob. You think I'm bad now? You should of seen me when I started. I posted a few times in August. Didn't really get posting till Christmas. Then onto 2008.

2008...shit happens. I'd rather not go back on it. Pretty much I get to know people and start making friends.

2009...more shit happens. Why does this crap happen to me? Good stuff happens too. Like Big Brother(depending on how you look at it, haha), and Big Brother All Stars. It's a good end of the year. Going into '10 I'm happy and shit.

2010, oh sup present time. Yay?
K well, this year's been super awesome online, and super bunk irl. Shit happens though. (i.e breaking up with my boyfriend of 8 months. But everything happens for a reason eh'). Mostly just have met some amazing people, and gotten closer to amazing people this year. Mastermind was really fun, and I'm really enjoying mafia.

; Not to painful right? Now to sum this up nicely.
(In no practical order)

Dash the Stampede,spikerdude,The Hazard,Zhou Tai Rocks, Hypnosis,Sodachugger0,HunterKiller666,Gamer of the Year. You guys make my life, thank you for everything.

To the Interactive Role-Playing forum, you guys are amazing. I love you all, and those who didn't make the above list, maybe you will some day. ;34;

Mouschi_Chan,I wanted you put you some where here, but I didn't think sticking you with the guys would suit you. Thank you for always believing in me, and always being there for me.

Marquis, Andrew. You two talk to me every single day, for hours. It means everything to me, you two are my best friends. You make me smile every day. I love you guys.

Hazard, you keep on putting a smile on my face. You crazy French-Canadian. =]

Ethan, believe in yourself as much as I do. You can do it and I know it. You make me smile so much, in so little time. <3

Hyp, dude I thought you died. Don't do that to a person. =( I'm so glad to see you're back.

Soda, you've been there since Sims2. You always have time for me, and you're a great guy. I wish you could see yourself like I can.

Hunter, GOTY. Don't ever forget Sims2,and our little PM's we send back and forth. Hearing from you guys when I do is wonderful, it makes my day. I've probably known you two longer then anyone. =)

IRP: Some of you drive me insane, but over all I love most of you. Sure you guys seem big and scary. You're all a crazy bunch. I think we sum up a group of friends, that have a love-hate relationship nicely.

Even if you didn't get a shout-out. You've probably, at some point, made me smile. So don't feel bad if I missed you, maybe you should just send me a PM so we can catch up. (:


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Dash the Stampede Aug 20, 10
3 years on Neo for you & I'd say knowing you makes my years on Neo all the more worthwhile, mademoiselle.
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Skye Aug 20, 10
You silly goof.
3 years man. It's a long time. ;o
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Zhou Tai Rocks Aug 21, 10
lol, I actually remember seeing you post back in 2007 so I know how you were.
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Skye Aug 21, 10
oh my.
That's not good.
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spiker Aug 22, 10
It's the best thing in the word, I'll have to have eth tell me stories ;34;

But yeah, glad you've had a nice time. :C
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Skye Aug 22, 10
You people are all terrible ;45;.
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Gamer of the Year Aug 28, 10
I'm cool apparently
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Skye Aug 28, 10
You totally are.
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HunterKiller666 Sep 16, 10
Awww I wanna *bleep* you too!
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Skye Oct 13, 10
Yes you would, though where is this too coming from? ;D
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Pinkydarn Nov 14, 10
Oh come on. I've been on since september '10. and i never saw'd with ma own two eyes some one with this many friends. *sniff* im so proud of you! dont judge me.