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Jun 05, 10 10:02pm

Marquis Reid Alan Elliot Hill; My best friend

As the years go by, our friendship will never die.

For the past little while, I’ve been really putting this off, though you can mostly blame my laziness on that side, a part of me knows. I’ve been just scared that I wouldn’t be able to put how awesome you are, into words. Of course, you’ll be thinking that whatever I write will be enough for you, but I really wanted to make this awesome for you. If it’s even possible, then I’ll make this even better than yours was!

In the past we were always only talking about Big Brother, or just small little friendly conversation. Hell I’m glad that changed. The first time I was meant to speak to you, I have to say I was terrified. Well come on, can you blame me? I was just a shy little girl, scared to speak to anyone, and well you weren’t that, you seemed to have the power to make almost anyone hear you out. It was a hell of an experience. You were always surprising me when we first meet each other, I remember the first time you flirted with me. I was certainly pushed way out of my comfort zone then, it’s sure a good thing I got used to it, and could start joking back to you.

Something I always liked about being friends with you is that I could talk about everything and anything with you. You would be never judge me, nor stop talking to me just because it didn’t interest you. You would always listen to me, always have something to say. You’ve always given me reasonable advice, I don’t always want to take it, but that never stopped you from trying to help. Our conversations never seem to die, if we’re talking about people in our lives, or just what we did that day, we always find a way to keep on talking. Sometimes it’s a bit scaring where someone knows you inside and out, but that’s not how it is with you. You know me better than anyone does, you always know just how to calm me down, or put me in a better mood. You’ve always put a smile to face seeing you online, you were never too busy to talk to me.

If it’s sharing the same birthday, to sharing something in common, I always love how much we’re alike. You never seem to fail to amaze with some new knowledge, a new idea, you’ve always had something to say. Sharing a perverted mind, is one of my favorite things about you, I know you’ll take me seriously when you should, but when there’s no need, you’re always joking around with me. Have it been typo’s or just really badly worded phases; I love to show these moments off to the world. (Our signature tennis, for anyone that fallows, I started it! ;)) A quote from one of my favorite songs is how I started this off, and I really think that means something for us, as we both love old Disney movies. I couldn’t think of a better song to include. Honestly, I can’t imagine not knowing you for a very long time, and I refuse to die without meeting you irl one day. I guess what I’m just trying to say is thank you Marquis, thank you for being there for me, thank you for being my friend, thank you for believing in me all this time.

You’re a sweet, caring, nice, funny, and smart, all around amazing guy, I would never be able to tell that you aren’t good with showing emotion. The whole time we’ve been best friends, you’ve never once forgotten to say “Have a good night Skye! Loveya! ” The best way I can finish this is;

The amount I love you, is equal to ten times the size of your giant ego. (:

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Klope62 Jun 5, 10
This is precious.

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Skye Jun 5, 10
Why thank you.
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Dash the Stampede Jun 5, 10
This is naturally one of my favorite things I've got all day <3
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Skye Jun 5, 10
Awwh. <3 I'm glad
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