FOR TRADE: All, KB/HB shinies Name Nature Ability IV Level Moves Region Mawile Adamant Hyper Cutter 31/31/31/31/x/

Looking for (shiny 5/6iv competiitve Kalos Born): Helioptile (HA) Binacle Titortuga Magnemite Tangela Spiritomb Treeck

Event Pokemon: Torchic + Blazikenite Birthday Sylveon(JAP) Birthday Umbreon(JAP) Corocoro Charizard X(JAP) Corocoro Ga

I am offering pokemon for trade. Looking for other competitive Kalos born shinnies, UT prefered and UT gen6 event pokemon. As

in cherish ball, with Blazikenite, Ability speed boost not cloned (I obtained it myself) looking for gen6 events and/or ka

in Cherish ball level 10, nature Lax Looking for offers mainly gen6 events

For trade: Gamestp Deoxys, VGC Eevee PC Scizor PC Ninetails PC Garchomp PC Dragonite Team Rockets Meowth PC Metagro

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