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11stn (im getting fat!!!!)
Blond Hair
Blue Eyes
Glasses...for seeing with, naturaly (or Unnaturaly...depending on the way you look at it?)
135 IQ...aperantly

Im an open minded individual that id extremely depressed due to coming to turms with the fact that i have mental and emotional problems. But i put on a brave face and spend most of my time chearing EVERYONE ELSE up and generaly having a good laugh. I am also single so "Hello Ladies" lol


I have many interests actualy such as

1. Tv (mostly Cartoons and Comedy)
2. Eating (I love my food)
3. Anime (It so rules cos its like a normal drama...but with a plot)
4. Music (Mostly rock like Sinch and Linkin Park)
5. Pc and Console Gaming (1 PWN A11 U N00B5 ROFLOL!!!1!1!)

Thats but a taster of all that is Skitz for the moment...more to be added soon.


quote Bin Sponge
I would love to do this all day but I have something else to do other than talk to someone who fantasises about killing handicapped babies. Maybe the thread will still be open when I return home, who knows?
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