650 posts!! :^O 50 more to 700!!
My sister says I like Harvester too much. . . HahahahHAHAHA.
If I don't put a nose in my emoticon, it looks so creepy! :^|

Alright, I was originally gonna post this in loungin'. But I figured since you guys are big anime fans, you'll probab

I was gonna make this thread in the Loungin' forum. But since this is a music related discussion, I thought it would be b

. . . And then returned it, just tonight. Alright, I'll explain in details. I have a female Pit bull around 8 years old.

I am so happy!!! <3
nvm, I added both Jean and Marco to my signature! :^D
I wanna change my icon to Marco. . .But, I also want to keep it as Stephanie. . .Hmm. . .
I just realized, we have the same birthday! Your neohome says "I was born in may 19th". And I was born May 19th! :3
Wow, I am really upset. . .Some "Friend" . . .
Jak X looks like a pile of [naughty]Dog shit tbh.

I'm not really sure how often this forum is updatted. But I have notice two new threads. So I wanted to start one! Now if

I know that this has probably been on many Neoseeker's minds before. But Neoseeker should really add a like button for Th


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