DarshD Skillet
Mar 14, 10 7:45pm
Hi, Skillet.

I am signing your guestbook because you're such a friendly person. I really liked to give you advice. Maybe I'll need your advice in future too!

Keep playing games & keep rocking at Neoseeker. Take care.

Stay happy, always!
Your friend,
DragonPirateZolo Skillet
Jul 15, 09 7:31am
Well You signed my Guest book and I'm here to return the favour.

MeganLuvsU Skillet
Jun 20, 09 4:56am
I know what you are...

GtaMythHunter Skillet
May 31, 09 8:06pm
U nao haz teh kitteh u alwaiz wnted!
Smell The Chiken Skillet
May 31, 09 5:26am
Yeah, signing you guestbook too. Sign up for big brother in loungin', man. I'm making my entry so you might have already. Peace.
Bakura23 Skillet
Mar 28, 09 4:45am
I never even noticed that I had a guestbook!! As long as I've been on here...hahahah! Anyway, thanks for bringing that to my attention. And to go off what Chivuk said, I use both the PS1 and emu, but anything I post is won off the PS1. Emu is only for tests!
Chivuk Skillet
Mar 23, 09 1:07am
Ok im signing your book didnt realise you had signed mine. I have a ps1 like you i dont have the emu but i doubt there is a difference between the 2.
Shadow of Death Skillet
Mar 19, 09 6:57am
~I hath signed thy guestbook~

Lol, signing back....How did I 'save' your thread though?

Well, I posted in it a few times, I'm guessing I revived it when it was in danger of being buried, right?
Infamous_666 Skillet
Mar 14, 09 5:01pm
Hey man thanks for signing my guestbook, I didnt even know I had one XD. took me like 5 mins to figure out how to get to it. lets keep it goin on the YFM tip
DXD Skillet
Mar 13, 09 6:02am
I'm glad that our little custom title/username conversation over PM started this online friendship of ours.

As promised, here's a stamp that I just made:

You've been...

See you on the forums.

Chronoboy Skillet
Mar 12, 09 3:05am
Hey, bro. Just returning the favour. It's great that we have a bit in common. Give me the low down on Fate Stay Night one day. I'm always up for new anime to love.