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Alright, so my friend who's a senior just bought a brand new Chevy Camaro with a fresh coat of white paint and black stripes(It looks pretty awesome). So since it was a half-day we decided to ditch track('cause it's track, amiright?) and do something exciting. I was driving my(dad's) 2007 Ford Mustang(W00t!). So it was basically just one lap around the block. We luckily didn't run into any traffic(But we must have run over some squirrels and maybe caused like... 2 old people to have a heart attack). So long story short, I WON! I think the race was his until he had to stop when a parked car was blocking his way(teehee). Just wanted to share that with you guys and if you weren't entertained by it post a racing story of your own, phuckers!
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