inuyasha23120 Skaterstar57
Feb 15, 05 7:35am
heres another stamp ain't it cute hehehe.....he
inuyasha23120 Skaterstar57
Feb 15, 05 7:21am
happy valentines day your super lucky you get 3 stamps AND you get a chance to be my neosis

Jadephoneix Skaterstar57
Feb 15, 05 6:09am
Hey happy Valentines Day! I don't have a valentine day stamp so i'm gonna stamp u with somthing non valentine related

Name spelled rong... Oh well HAPPY VALENTINES!
Kokoro Skaterstar57
Feb 15, 05 3:17am
Well I wish I could give a Valentine stamp to you but I'm not good at making stamps. Could you tell me how? I would appreciate that.
Distortion Skaterstar57
Feb 15, 05 3:04am
Happy Valentine's Day. I know you're probably kinda busy. So I'll just give you this and leave.

Once again, Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you had a better one than I did...
TUMOG Skaterstar57
Feb 15, 05 3:00am
Happy Valentine's Day! By the way, nice new Link avatar. Anyway, have someone to spend today with? Maybe have a gift for them? Good luck with that if you do. Maybe next year if you fail or don't have one. Sorry, no stamp. See you around.

Black Jack Skaterstar57
Feb 14, 05 11:59pm
Thanks for the signing! Happy Valentines Day to you as well! Well, S-T-A-M-P time!
tomato13187 Skaterstar57
Feb 14, 05 11:25pm
Happy Valentines Day! May this day be filled with joy, happiness, gladness, and another word that means "happy". You have been bestowed with my Fire Emblem themed Holiday Stamp. Enjoy!

Woodentop Skaterstar57
Feb 14, 05 10:07pm
You signed my guestbook so I will sign yours.
I don't have a valentines day stamp so I will give you 3 normal ones.

C U in the forums

piro leetusagi Skaterstar57
Feb 14, 05 8:49pm
A very happy valentine's day indeed!

I hope you find love in your life in this day!!

Well see you around!
Pip Skaterstar57
Feb 14, 05 8:46pm
Hey, I've see you about a few times in various forums such as Digital Portfolios, so I thought I might aswell sign your guestbook. Well anyhoo catch ya later and mind and sign back...

Princess Lisa Skaterstar57
Feb 14, 05 8:34pm
Hiya sis! just pop by to say Happy Valentine's Day!

Please remember to sign my bookie!!
tom111 Skaterstar57
Feb 14, 05 8:25pm
Enjoy it have a good time.
Thanks for signing.
Great stamp.

Not so good stamp but its best I could make.
CEYA round.
AC_Speed_Demon Skaterstar57
Feb 14, 05 7:38pm
Hey, Happy Valentine's Day, wonder how many boys ya had lined up to ask ya to be their valentine? Well, sorry I don't have a stamp, should get around to that. But, Happy Valentine's Day again.
Larn Skaterstar57
Feb 14, 05 6:40pm
Hey. Thanks for the stamp^_^
I hope you have a good Valentine's Day, too.


You can't win, because good is dumb, and evil is not!
VulcanRaven Skaterstar57
Feb 14, 05 5:24pm
Thanks for the awesome Valentine's stamp. Well, here's mine...enjoy!

Have a hearty Valentine's Day!
LeoPup19 Skaterstar57
Feb 14, 05 4:37pm
Thanks for stamping my guestbook! I be here to return the favor! Hope your day is better than mine... and trust me it probably is 'cause I'm sitting here home from school SICK! Take care!

DCRage Skaterstar57
Feb 14, 05 4:31pm
Hey there little sis! Thanks so much for stamping my GB for Valentine's Day! *kisses* Here's my stamp I made just for my Neo-Sisters:

Have a Happy Valentine's Day-don't forget the chocolate!
From Your Neo-Brother,
Satokasu Suki Skaterstar57
Feb 14, 05 4:15pm
Heya, sis!! ^^

Hope you have a happy Valentine's Day!
marill lover Skaterstar57
Feb 14, 05 3:38pm
Happy valentines day

Now for a random saying =]
The world around you's not what it seems.

moocoweatsfire Skaterstar57
Feb 14, 05 3:04pm
Happy valentines day...

Hope you have a good one..=)

This is one of my first sprees....
Statiix Skaterstar57
Feb 14, 05 12:24pm

Sup Skaetr Star!Thanks for signing my Guestbook.Anyways,happy Valentines! Talks to him self: *Dam!ammad,why didnt you get the Valintines day card yah lazy bastid*

Well,I got know stamp cause im evil,I mean I forgot it.

Anyways,ill just stamp you with another,uhh..stamp..

Uhh...well,Its getting pretty old,but dont worry,ill give you a late Valeintines stamp later if I feel like it.

Happy Valintines.Have fun!
Kokoro Skaterstar57
Feb 14, 05 8:48am
Happy Valentine's Day Skaterstar57. For your present I'll give you a kiss. *Kisses Skaterstar*. Please sign back and kiss me back.

Also you seem to prefer things like I do. It seems you like you usually prefer newer games just like I do.
Gotenks Skaterstar57
Feb 14, 05 5:20am
Well it isn't as good as yours but hey it's somewhat there:

Don't take this quote personally it's from Wario from the new nintendo Power issue:
Roses are Red
Violets are Poo!
I think Love Stinks
And Now, So Do You

But anyways Happy Valentine's day hope this makes your day!
arcanine22 Skaterstar57
Feb 14, 05 12:31am
thanks for the banner

oh and happy valentines day!!!!!!!!