2 days early cause I might not be on for a couple of days ^^;

Anyways A big Happy B-day for my starry sis ^-^

I was suppose to make a Gumby stampy o.0 but I ran out of time T_T I'm sowwy

There you go I drew chibi Sora for you ^-^ isn't he cute? XD

And last but not least a Teddy and a red rose o.0 have lots and lots of fun in your birthday ^-^

Best Wishes
and wuvs,
Den-den XD

Well I'm a little early, but I might be gone for a while in the next week or so. But just make sure you read it on the 9th! Well have an awesome...rest of the week.

Oh and I didn't make that graphic. But I was looknig on this graphic website and i saw it and I was like, "that is totally Skaterstar." Ha hope you like it.
Yesh! i do realize i spellt skater wrong anyways, hullo! i had a very random urge to sign your g~bookie! arent you lucky?!

ahh. is it even July anymore? XD ooh im so stoopis oh well, clever people dont get to visit Veckshay land now, do they?
aaaaaaaanyways! sEE YA, haff fun!

Hi. I'm just on a stamping spree. Here ya go:

Talk to you later.
your an awesome freind skater ^^ your graphics rule and you have the best pursinality ! XD lol have fun on the forums heres my new stamp ^^

I know you and I'm a siging spree people =D

Such an adorabble stamp eh?

Sign back soon pweez mumshi <3

Heya! I'm on a lil' signing spree XP I'm going around to all my fwendiez, and you happen to be on of them ^^;

Anywayz, have fun n rawk on! Seeya somewhere around MSN or Neo! ^^

Baiz! *Waves*

PS: You know me.. =]
Im not oje of those sighning spree people....im just sighning peoples I know guestbook^^ not a spree^^lol


image wont show^^ so clik da link^^
I'm fully loaded before your b-day which ish a whole month away XD

Is it bad being ready?? coz if I don't I'll forget XD *hugs* though I do hope I don't (Don't worry I would never forget )

Signing because I'm bored

Den-den :3
Here's some stamps for you. I hope you like them.


happy fourth of july from the most random guy you know.. i hope...
i just passed by to sign you're gb and i made my first stamp whoohoo here look
i know it sucks but I'm planning on improving on my stamp making i hope u like it
Are you in an American-Irish family? I wonder how much you know of your heritage. Let's start with some language. Dia duit. Conas ata tu? Mise? Ta me go maith. Ta me ina chonai i mBaile Atha Cliath agus ta me ag ceithre bliana deag d'aois. Is maith liom scannain, rac ceol agus ag scriobhneoireacht.
Do you have any idea what I just said? Didn't think so. I was speaking Irish, or Gaelic as you'd call it. I live in Dublin, Ireland & was wondering how much about Irish heritage you could tell me. So, sign me back. Sign me back in Irish & I'll be really impressed. I could teach you Irish if you want . No hard feelings, I'll c u around, The Rock Bottom.

Beatha agus Slainte. Slan.
hey ive seen you around the SSBM forums and ive seen your art even simon would think its impressive hows my stamp?

please PM me and tell me how i did
hey I already got the neo-hug!
1st neo-hug

2nd neo-peck on cheek

3rd neo-kiss

4th last but not least......neo-tongue!

anyway just wanted to sighn my loves guestbook!

sighn back!
1 i dont know you but... well i sorta do and im not on a signing spree but youre like the best artist here, well you ARE the best artist here and i hope you sign my gb
Point of advice: if you see the Burger King, call the police. He has been sighted breaking into people's homes while offering to give residents a free sandwich. Officials have confirmed that the sandwiches handed out by the king contain dangerous toxins. So beware of the king; you very well might be his next target.

Just thought I'd sign your guest book...heres a stamp for ya!
I thought I'd sign back again. I heard you just became staff for the Mario portal. Congrats. I've asked Gotenks if I could be one before but he said no.

^__^ Sorry for not signing your guestbook earlier. I was making this stamp, but I guess I gave up on it! I decided to finish it today, and I of course did. And I'm also signing all my Neofriends' guest books. Heh. So I'm Signing. Have fun!


Enjoy!If it does not work it's my first time trying!Hope it does
Hey SS57.

I'm feeling 70-ish today. Totally radically, dudette! Here's a stamp:

I'm sure many people say many positive things about you. You're a wonderful neoSister!

Peach out, dudette!
Even though you don't know me, I thought I'd sign anyway, since I feel like being nice. And also, one of my friends told me that I should do this.

And BTW, I'm Dingo Steinberg, and if you want, we can be neofriends.

Anyway, I just wanted to sign. Sign back if you like. Peace.
Saw you around,and was thinking of signing,and no I'm not on a signing spree.Saw you and said "This girl seems awesome!" so I signed!Could you please sign me back?Thank you!PM me if you want to talk anytime!
Saw you around,and was thinking of signing,and no I'm not on a signing spree.Saw you and said "This girl seems awesome!" so I signed!Could you please sign me back?Thank you!PM me if you want to talk anytime!