Chobi Skaterstar57
Oct 4, 04 5:55pm
Signing back because you asked me to.

Cuddman Skaterstar57
Oct 4, 04 1:10pm
I see you signed my guestbook. Thanks. Here's my Megaman stamp.

parvez2004 Skaterstar57
Oct 4, 04 10:07am
Thank you for stamping my guestbook, so here I am stamping yours with my best friends stamp:

Hope you like it^_^

Take care
signed by
Punk Trash Dream Skaterstar57
Oct 3, 04 11:39pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook! ^__^ See yu around!

TUMOG Skaterstar57
Oct 3, 04 7:41pm
Hey. Thanks for the stamps. I really liked the Zelda one. ^^ Well here's my Mario Tennis stamp once again. =P

See you around the forums.

TUMOG, the True.Ultimate.Master.Of.Games.
Spyro Princess Skaterstar57
Oct 3, 04 7:02pm
Just signinging!!! ^__^

And stamping! ^_~




~*Talk to ya later...

Signed by...
kittykat820 Skaterstar57
Oct 3, 04 5:56pm
u wanted me to sign so here i am
Fujiwarano_Sai Skaterstar57
Oct 3, 04 10:58am

nobody important Skaterstar57
Oct 3, 04 10:42am
I`ll keep a word and I`ll sign back.
Thanks for signing
Now I must run cause it`s about
1:41 AM, I just drank a gallon of Coke
and these Triangles on the walls
are starting to freak me out...
Statiix Skaterstar57
Oct 3, 04 9:09am
Heres a few of my stamps:

badb0i87 Skaterstar57
Oct 3, 04 8:47am
Thanks for signing my guestbook. Just returning the favor since you asked me to. See you are the forums. Bye.........................
Shadow12 Skaterstar57
Oct 3, 04 7:02am
Hello, what's up? Thanks for signing my guestbook, nice stamps. We can be friends if you want. Just AIM or PM me if you want to talk. I suppose I'll give you my stamp. Later.
takerfan80 Skaterstar57
Oct 3, 04 6:51am
hey thanks fo sighning my guestbook you said to sigmh back so here i am um i would post a stamp but i dont have one so uh okay bye
emax Skaterstar57
Oct 3, 04 5:40am
Thanks heaps for signing my guestbook. Hardly anyone has singed mine. I was going through one day and I found yours!
Thanks heaps!
GallantmonX Skaterstar57
Oct 3, 04 4:58am
Hey again sis^_^
Just stoppin by to say thank you again for all those stamps! They're all great^_^

Have two of mines...

Hope you like them^^

Take Care, sis;)
Angel Blade Skaterstar57
Oct 3, 04 4:20am
Signing Wars!! =3

LoL, pictures will HAVE to do!! It's from Kimi Go Nozumu Eien

Love ya sis!!
J Villeneuve Skaterstar57
Oct 3, 04 2:18am
You signed mine and I sign yours. Here you go, enjoy... Where do i know u from? the lounge?
Dark Link Skaterstar57
Oct 3, 04 1:33am
Thank u for stamping me sis, it's been a while since we talked^_^
Oh well, speak to ya soon;)

Vex the Pirate Skaterstar57
Oct 3, 04 12:40am
hi skater! just signing back here are some of my stamps:

ok, lets be NeoSisters
take care!
bLuE_PiNaY_LvEr Skaterstar57
Oct 2, 04 11:25pm

Signed by Moi,
Mewto SS4 Skaterstar57
Oct 2, 04 10:49pm
Thanks for signing my G-book girl.
I wanted to sign your G-book in return.
Sorry, I can't stamp you. I don't have no stamp.

Well, Thanks again. I'll stamp you when I get one.

BTW, its shorty from now on.
AznAnarchist Skaterstar57
Oct 2, 04 10:30pm

Bleh...I needed a new tag anywho, so I thought I'd drop by here first
Cascade7 Skaterstar57
Oct 2, 04 9:15pm
Stay as good as you are.
No matter who tries to beat you down.

Damn...I love this fine root beer.
I'm out...see ya!

~~You got pwned~~
DQ Maniac Skaterstar57
Oct 2, 04 8:58pm
Geez, I thought I had a lot of guestbook entries...
Satokasu Suki Skaterstar57
Oct 2, 04 8:00pm
Hey sis,

Thanks for those beautiful new stamps! You're so talented. Nice Super Mario Sunshine avatar, too! ^^

With bundles of sisterly love,

~ Satokasu Suki