Signing back because you asked me to.

I see you signed my guestbook. Thanks. Here's my Megaman stamp.

Thank you for stamping my guestbook, so here I am stamping yours with my best friends stamp:

Hope you like it^_^

Take care
signed by
Thanks for signing my guestbook! ^__^ See yu around!

Hey. Thanks for the stamps. I really liked the Zelda one. ^^ Well here's my Mario Tennis stamp once again. =P

See you around the forums.

TUMOG, the True.Ultimate.Master.Of.Games.
Just signinging!!! ^__^

And stamping! ^_~




~*Talk to ya later...

Signed by...
u wanted me to sign so here i am

I`ll keep a word and I`ll sign back.
Thanks for signing
Now I must run cause it`s about
1:41 AM, I just drank a gallon of Coke
and these Triangles on the walls
are starting to freak me out...
Heres a few of my stamps:

Thanks for signing my guestbook. Just returning the favor since you asked me to. See you are the forums. Bye.........................
Hello, what's up? Thanks for signing my guestbook, nice stamps. We can be friends if you want. Just AIM or PM me if you want to talk. I suppose I'll give you my stamp. Later.
hey thanks fo sighning my guestbook you said to sigmh back so here i am um i would post a stamp but i dont have one so uh okay bye
Thanks heaps for signing my guestbook. Hardly anyone has singed mine. I was going through one day and I found yours!
Thanks heaps!
Hey again sis^_^
Just stoppin by to say thank you again for all those stamps! They're all great^_^

Have two of mines...

Hope you like them^^

Take Care, sis;)
Signing Wars!! =3

LoL, pictures will HAVE to do!! It's from Kimi Go Nozumu Eien

Love ya sis!!
You signed mine and I sign yours. Here you go, enjoy... Where do i know u from? the lounge?
Thank u for stamping me sis, it's been a while since we talked^_^
Oh well, speak to ya soon;)

hi skater! just signing back here are some of my stamps:

ok, lets be NeoSisters
take care!

Signed by Moi,
Thanks for signing my G-book girl.
I wanted to sign your G-book in return.
Sorry, I can't stamp you. I don't have no stamp.

Well, Thanks again. I'll stamp you when I get one.

BTW, its shorty from now on.

Bleh...I needed a new tag anywho, so I thought I'd drop by here first
Stay as good as you are.
No matter who tries to beat you down.

Damn...I love this fine root beer.
I'm out...see ya!

~~You got pwned~~
Geez, I thought I had a lot of guestbook entries...
Hey sis,

Thanks for those beautiful new stamps! You're so talented. Nice Super Mario Sunshine avatar, too! ^^

With bundles of sisterly love,

~ Satokasu Suki