I am a very nice person. *Whispers* See? Everyone's agreeing with me in silence.

Okay, I shall put some very special people up here. XD

Gotenks - Ooh, Brad is my bodyguard and my personal trainer. =D I am also his dance teacher, his skating teacher, and his crazy teacher. =O Love him lots, of course. XD Also, Brad is the only one allowed to tickle and poke me. If you do either of those things without his consent, I can't secure your safety. =O He is also my luffer. BTW, I am also currently stalking him. ;D

Shadow993 - My best friend on here. XD I've known him forever, and I love him so much. ^^ What else can I really say about him? I mean--no matter how much I talk about him, I would never be able to say how great he is, and what an amazing and wonderful friend he has been. To get to the point, he means the world to me. *Nods nods*

Dark Arcanine - Richie is absolutely freakin' amazing. Truly he is. XD He's one of my very, very bestest friends and I always love talking to him so much. =D He's such a great guy--and is the sweetest thing. =3 Even if he doesn't agree. XD I am coming to Australia to ice skate with you! =O I love him very much. ^____^ He is very cute, too. <3 I luffles him! I luffles him! Heh, also, my thighs belong to him... Don't ask.

TDL12344 - TDLYwinks is one of the best people ever. End of discussion. =D We also fight about who loves each other more--or who missed the other more. XD Yes, we are very silly. We have a lot of things in common, which is freaky and awesome at the same time. :thick: We first got to know each other because of the song by Journey: "Don't Stop Believin'." Amazing, no? :blinkyeyes: I am also in his crew Dawn of Twilight. =D Which is awesome, BTW. You know you wish you could be in it. >=D

Ranger 1 - My music twin! Oh yeah, he pwns...everyone knows it. XD He's a great guy, and I've known him for quite some time. ^^ Basically, he's just awesome, and darn it, he always wins and is right about everything. @_@ Love him, too. =D

DCRage (Previously known as SummonerSupreme) - He is a genius and a mind reader! He doesn't quite know about the latter yet, though. XD Anyway, he's been one of my friends forever on here, and he really has helped me pull through some hard times I went through. I wouldn't have been able to do it without him. I love him very much. ^^

Bright Blue Yoshi - ZOMG, my crazy buddy! She is totally and utterly insane--just like me! Well, not quite like me, because I'm even crazier. ~_~ But we shall soon be going to Mars and have a huge party there. =D

Harvest Moon Girl - Oh, she is the best. We even reached 700 a very short span of time. XD I love her lots. She's another crazy friend. =D She also gave me one of my very favorite nicknames: "Icy-sis." XD

AC_Speed_Demon - Oh, Speed is just the best. I've known him a very long time--and he is so sweet and such a great friend. =D Heh, we talk on MSN like...nearly ever day. XD Also, he thinks I'm an angel. The only one who thinks so. XD BTW, I am his druggy angel. ;D

Eureka - Malik is awesome. =D Heh, he's a really great friend, and I love talking to him on MSN. We always have the best conversations. XD He is also the one that found Laurel cereal. :thick: Malik is an awesome friend and I always love whenever he and I get a chance to talk on MSN. ~_~

Neo Apocolypse - René!!! Oh my gosh, I luff him! I luff him so much! He is amazing. He is so wonderfully sweet and kind and funny and crazy. And he is super kyute to boot. ^___^ He is super awesome and you should get to know him. <3

TDL12344 - Now, TDL is just awesome. He and I have just recently gotten to know each other, but are already great friends. =O We have a lot of things in common, which is freaky and awesome at the same time. :thick: We first got to know each other because of the song by Journey: "Don't Stop Believin'." Amazing, no? :blinkyeyes: I am also in his crew Dawn of Twilight. =D

stabbedbyahippie - Matt...well...what can I say about him? XD He's a great guy, I always enjoy our conversations. :thick: Seriously, I do, our conversations through PM are like the best, honestly. Face it, your jealous of our awesomness. He is also brave enough to poke zeh penguin. He should be a bit more careful in the future about that. Oh, and Matt, give me my waffles, please. :thick:

DENNISEA - Den-Den-sis! *Glomps her* Oh my gosh, Den is amazing. =3 She is so sweet and nice and I just love her. Her art is AMAZING by the way. Check out her art thread! NOW!!

Dark Link - What is there to say about Symph? She is amazingly sweet and kind and nice. =3 I just love her. ^^ She and I talk on MSN...whenever I'm on early enough, or if I stayed up too late again. XD Hehe, she is an amazingly beautiful person as well. =)

Sosai X - Mel is Symph's older sister. I got to know both of them back in the Melee forum. =D To be honest, she doesn't really come here much anymore, but I love talking to her so much. Mel is amazing and such a great friend. =D I need to catch her on

Xel - Oh my gosh, is Daves-bro friggin' amazing. SRSLY. he is. He is crazy and insane and wonderful and hilarious. Man, he always puts a smile on my face. Seriously. Get to know him. I love him very, very much. =D

Green Yoshi 2004 - He is just...incredibly sweet. ^^ He is one of the nicest and sweetest members I have ever had the chance to meet on this site. He's a very great friend and I love him. =)

silver_tidus/Silver tidus - Alan is such an amazing guy. =) He really, really is. He is such an awesome friend, and the best graphic maker I know. =D Heh, we have great talks on MSN, but the same as Eureka, he and I don't talk much lately. Darn it, Alan, I coming to Canada to see you! =D Bwahahaha. XD

ZL - What on earth can I say about ZL? :thick: Honestly, I can think of nothing. Hah, I kid, I kid. ZL and I first got to know each other back in OoT forum, I believe, because we were both graphic makers there, and we got to know each other somehow because of this. XD Heh, but he's a really great guy, and I love talking to him. =D Also, he gave me my nickname "Skates." Yay! *Dances*

Piro Leetusagi - Piro of the sweetest, nicest, and kindest members I have ever had the fortune to meet through this website. I don't even remember how we met. I think he may have PM'd me for a banner or something--but anyway, so glad we met. ^^ He is a wonderful friend, and I really love him. Also, he loves One Piece--and I love it too, so yay. =D

yrpsrk2 - Ooh, he's a great guy! He and I first got to know each other in March of Swords, and we became "besties". =3 Now we're both in Dawn of Twilight and it's a lot of fun. =D He's a great brawler and it's always fun playing with him. And I fear his Zelda. XD

GallantmonX - Now, Anth is just plumb awesome. He is, he is, he is. I shall repeat it over and over again until it is drilled into your brains! :thick: Seriously, though, I really love this guy. He is also Symph's boyfriend. =D I think it is super cute. XD Heh, but he's a really great guy.

Epsalon X - I may never talk to him anymore, because he really doesn't come on here because he doesn't have an Internet connection or something, but he still deserves a place here because he is just such an amazing friend. I always loved whenever he and I talked through PM, he is incredibly sweet and not afraid of what others think of him. I really wish I could talk to Ian more again. =3

Woo, nearly done now. XD


Random facts about moi:


I am mostly Irish.

I am 5'2.

I have an older sister and a younger brother.

I have been playing video games since the age of four.

I am a Christian.

I am as crazy as they come.

I live in a barrel.

My family and friends are what is most important to me.

I have brown hair.

I act drunk even when I'm not.

I was born on August 9th, 1991.

I listen to music every moment except when I sleep.

I have been ice skating since I was eight.

I have hazel eyes.

I live in America.

I play the cello.

I am a yaoi addict.

I have very pale skin.

<< More to come. >>


Nothing. I am a boring person. End of discussion. ...And crazy.

BTW, Skater = ice skater; star = stars in the universe. Got it?

Favorite singers/bands:

The Beach Boys
The Beatles
Billy Joel
Bob Dylan (Favorite singer)
Bob Seger
Bon Jovi
Bruce Springsteen
Bryan Adams
Buddy Holly
The Cars
Cheap Trick
The Clash
Collective Soul
The Cure
David Bowie
Def Leppard
Don Henley
Don McLean
Echo & The Bunnymen
Elvis Presley
The Everly Brothers
The Four Seasons
The Goo Goo Dolls
Green Day
Guns N' Roses
Hootie & The Blowfish
Huey Lewis & The News
John Denver
John Mellencamp
John Waite
Josh Groban
Linkin Park
Matchbox Twenty
Pat Benatar
Pearl Jam
The Police
Rick Springfield
The Righteous Brothers
Robert Palmer
Rod Stewart
The Rolling Stones
Roy Orbison
Simon & Garfunkle
Snow Patrol
Talking Heads
Third Eye Blind
U2 (Favorite band)
Van Halen
The Wallflowers


Previously Skaterstar57. That's right, I'm back, people. Rejoice.
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