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My answers? I only got ONE right. And i never even watched that music video. I just though one colour of each shoe would be pretty awesome.. -3-

Your brain is a Bieber-free zone.

No Biebs for you! You definitely aren't obsessed with Justin Bieber. You're safe from the Bieber fever. Check out the correct answers below if you want to see how you did,

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Justin sings the word "girl" in this song: You said: "One Time"

Wrong! The correct answer is: All of these.

Justin Bieber was born in a town called: You said: Mollette

Wrong! The correct answer is: Stratford

Drake makes an appearance in which Justin Bieber video? You said: "Never Let You Go"

Wrong! The correct answer is: "Baby"

Which song did Justin Bieber perform on the 2010 Kids' Choice Awards? You said: "Never Let You Go"

Wrong! The correct answer is: "Baby"

According to "Somebody to Love," how far would Justin travel to get to where you are? You said: A hundred miles

Wrong! The correct answer is: A thousand miles

Who did Justin Bieber play on True Jackson, VP? You said: Max's intern, Ken.

Wrong! The correct answer is: Himself

What color sneakers does Justin Bieber wear in the video for "Eenie Meanie"? You said: Both red and black. (He wears two pairs.)


Which body part ISN'T mentioned in Justin's song "One Time"? You said: Stomach

Wrong! The correct answer is: Shoulder

Justin Bieber's manager was arrested after a fan event got out of control at: You said: A TV appearance in Sydney, Australia

Wrong! The correct answer is: A mall in Long Island, NY

What did Justin try for the first time in New Zealand? You said: Sushi

Wrong! The correct answer is: Bungy jumping

My friend's sister calls herself, "Mrs. Beiber" and it's.. awkward. His hair reminds me of Drake Bell. HE STOLE THE HAIR! WHY DID YOU DO THAT, JUSTIN?!


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